Syncing Google Calendar to your iPod Touch

ipod_calI’d been trying to figure this out for ages. I’m a Windows user (I can almost hear the distant murmur of disapproval from the Mac crew) and I use Google Calendar for both personal appointments and work meetings. That’s been the case now for roundsabouts two years. I bought an iPod Touch 1st gen about a month after their release. They’re a sexy device, it’s practically an iPhone without the contract, and I was happy with it but whilst I was in the States the 2nd gen was released. Being the sucker that I am for new technology, I got one. Now with my 1st gen device I had it jailbroken but when I got home, I found out that there was no jailbreak for the 2nd gen (there is now). This meant I no longer had the ability to synchronize my Google Calendar with my iPod Touch calendar.

That was the case up until about a week ago when I stumbled across NuevaSync. NeuvaSync is a web service that is able to talk the talk between Apple’s device and Google. It’s free, offers great features and isn’t platform dependent. It runs seamlessly in the background as well. I’m not even aware of it synching up new appointments over the Wifi in the office.

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Yeah still King of the Nerds. Why do you even need an event calendar. Monday to Friday you go to work 9-5 never changes, Friday evening you play football then go for a few pints. And the weekend you teach snot nose kids football. THere theres your calendar pal! Now tell me how I unlock my itouch and put nes games on please

@PaddyInEngland: It holds the work meetings and anything I’ve planned (gigs etc). You’d be surprised how busy I am. 😛

@Dave2: I was waiting for that. 🙂

@Lottie: I’m not gonna lie to ya, that was the provisional title.

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