The DSPCA needs your help

Fire at the DSPCALast night at their shelter in Rathfarnham the DSPCA suffered a fire that destroyed their hay barn, a year’s supply of hay and hard feed. The shelter’s tractor and all its maintenance equipment and tools were also lost. Damage is estimated to be over €500,000. No animals or staff were hurt thankfully. I saw the item on the news this evening and have decided to throw a few quid their way. They look after 300 animals on site in Rathfarnham and do a tremendous amount of good work in the Dublin area. I’m signing up to the Basic Member yearly subscription which is €32. If you can spare anything at all, please use their donation page here.

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Thanks for the links, I hope to take in a rescue dog myself someday, and maybe some horses too. I’m going to try and gather up some of my girl fiends to participate in the womens mini marathon for the DSPCA

its terrible, i got a dog two years ago from the ispca in limerick and i love him very much. i will be collecting money off family and friends and will get some dog food together. hope it helps

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