The end of midweek Nitelinks

Well this news sucks. Dublin Bus are discontinuing their Monday to Thursday Nitelink service on all routes. It means that if I miss the 11.25pm last buses from the city centre, I’ll need to get a taxi home. That taxi fare is normally in the region of €25-30 compared to €5 for the Nitelink. Now I know we’re nowhere near the same populus as London but they have a 24 hour bus service on a ton of routes. Is it really acceptable to leave people without a bus home anytime after 11.30pm for 5 days of the week (they don’t run Sunday at all)? The service I would have got, the 66N, only ran at 12.30am and 2.00am on those midweek nights. Two buses ffs. This will really have an affect on how much I attend events in the city centre from now on (particularly Soundcheck and comedy gigs).

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Shit news indeed-I live out the same direction and would get the 67N during the week if a gig ran late. Looks like its back to legging it for the last bus…and hope they dont leave early like the feckers sometimes do!

It’s ridiculous altogether.

I’m leaving it for the bars to start protesting. Massive amounts of money will be lost on Thur nights.

This pisses me off SO much. A taxi home for me to Celbridge can be up to €50 (or more!) because it’s “outside Dublin”. What about people that work shift in the City? It’s fucking ridiculous.

Dublin Bus should at least keep the Thursday night service, or run the general bus service until 12.30!

That really is ridiculous, I cannot at all fathom why we would taking so many steps backwards, these services are not even that old.

@Lottie: Damn right.

@PaddyInEngland: 🙂 I’m working on that mate.

@Robin: The only people that come out well from this are cab drivers. There aren’t an ambundance of them available on midweek nights either.

@Sinead: It’s ludicrous. They’ve also cut back the weekend service to every half hour on most routes.

Even though I’ve always made it my best intentions to get the 2320 back to Dunboyne anyways, this will mean I can’t miss it under any circumstances for any midweek events.

And when college starts back up again, that’s practically every day of the week!

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