The end of midweek Nitelinks

Well this news sucks. Dublin Bus are discontinuing their Monday to Thursday Nitelink service on all routes. It means that if I miss the 11.25pm last buses from the city centre, I’ll need to get a taxi home. That taxi fare is normally in the region of €25-30 compared to €5 for the Nitelink. Now I know we’re nowhere near the same populus as London but they have a 24 hour bus service on a ton of routes. Is it really acceptable to leave people without a bus home anytime after 11.30pm for 5 days of the week (they don’t run Sunday at all)? The service I would have got, the 66N, only ran at 12.30am and 2.00am on those midweek nights. Two buses ffs. This will really have an affect on how much I attend events in the city centre from now on (particularly Soundcheck and comedy gigs).


  1. Lottie   •  

    In the words of Clay Davis “Sheeeeet”!

  2. PaddyinEngland   •  

    your not meant to live at home at 37, pull it together move to town

  3. Tim   •  

    Shit news indeed-I live out the same direction and would get the 67N during the week if a gig ran late. Looks like its back to legging it for the last bus…and hope they dont leave early like the feckers sometimes do!

  4. Robin   •  

    It’s ridiculous altogether.

    I’m leaving it for the bars to start protesting. Massive amounts of money will be lost on Thur nights.

  5. Sinéad   •  

    This pisses me off SO much. A taxi home for me to Celbridge can be up to €50 (or more!) because it’s “outside Dublin”. What about people that work shift in the City? It’s fucking ridiculous.

  6. Aoife Ni Chionnaith   •  

    Dublin Bus should at least keep the Thursday night service, or run the general bus service until 12.30!

  7. redmum   •  

    That really is ridiculous, I cannot at all fathom why we would taking so many steps backwards, these services are not even that old.

  8. Anthony   •  

    @Lottie: Damn right.

    @PaddyInEngland: 🙂 I’m working on that mate.

    @Robin: The only people that come out well from this are cab drivers. There aren’t an ambundance of them available on midweek nights either.

    @Sinead: It’s ludicrous. They’ve also cut back the weekend service to every half hour on most routes.

  9. TheChrisD   •  

    Even though I’ve always made it my best intentions to get the 2320 back to Dunboyne anyways, this will mean I can’t miss it under any circumstances for any midweek events.

    And when college starts back up again, that’s practically every day of the week!

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