Yes Man by Danny Wallace

Yes Man Had the pleasure of reading this book over the past couple of weeks. A film version is due out at some stage this month starring Jim Carrey so I wanted to read the original before I’d see that. Danny Wallace is a bloke from England who, after meeting a stranger on the bus, takes his advice and says ‘Yes’ more. Where that takes him and what he does makes for a fascinating read and a truly funny one at that. He’s a mate of Dave Gorman and has a similar style of comedy (mainly the ridiculous). I’m looking forward to how the film fares up against the book but will seek out more of Wallace’s books in the meantime.


  1. whoopsadaisy   •  

    Have this in my ‘To Read’ pile, I must give it a go soon

  2. ddools   •  

    you should try ‘join me’,
    great read & actually give you a great feeling and desire to be…… nicer i guess.
    think ill buy ‘yes man’ this weekend, cheers for the recomendation

  3. anthony   •     Author

    @whoopsadaisy: It’s a feel good read.

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