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Yes Man by Danny Wallace

Yes Man Had the pleasure of reading this book over the past couple of weeks. A film version is due out at some stage this month starring Jim Carrey so I wanted to read the original before I’d see that. Danny Wallace is a bloke from England who, after meeting a stranger on the bus, takes his advice and says ‘Yes’ more. Where that takes him and what he does makes for a fascinating read and a truly funny one at that. He’s a mate of Dave Gorman and has a similar style of comedy (mainly the ridiculous). I’m looking forward to how the film fares up against the book but will seek out more of Wallace’s books in the meantime.

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you should try ‘join me’,
great read & actually give you a great feeling and desire to be…… nicer i guess.
think ill buy ‘yes man’ this weekend, cheers for the recomendation

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