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Is this site slow to load for you?

I’ve had a few complaints that this site is slow to load for peeps. Let me know in the comments please. I’ve got a number of embeds on the site so they may be slowing it down.

8 replies on “Is this site slow to load for you?”

There’s nothing wrong with your site – this is a just cheap ploy to boost your comments.

For shame, McG, for shame…

@whoopsadaisy: Hmmm. Will see if I can tinker with it so.

@Joe: Cheers for the comment. 🙂

@Darren: Oh, no it isn’t!

It’s always a little slow for me (and no smart cracks – It has nothing to do with me).

But if it’s only me having the problem, don’t worry about me. I don’t matter anyway. 😥

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