1. Darren   •  

    She is my favourite!

    I would leave Liz for Zooey in a heartbeat. 🙄

  2. annie   •  

    She’s preeeeeetty. Like, seriously pretty. Me likey.

  3. northie   •  

    simply amazing

  4. Andrew   •  

    Anto, could you maybe make the Friday photo a daily thing?
    And have Zooey Deschanel in all of them?

    It seems the responsible thing to do.

  5. Anthony   •  

    @Darren: Are you doing a Brucie? “Your my favourite”.

    @annie: She is indeed.

    @Andrew: I like it. The Daily Deschanel?

  6. Rick   •  

    I was going to ask if it was you I’d had the Zooey conversation with recently but on reflection I think it must have been Darren.

    She’s no Scarlett in fairness…

  7. anthony   •     Author

    @RPs: Good to know. 🙂

    @Rick: Yeah I know but still….

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