1. annie   โ€ข  

    Oh my God, that just made my day, seriously ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Lottie   โ€ข  

    I want a baby.

    Something sweet and cuddly to exploit on you tube. No. But really. Very cute.

  3. AJ   โ€ข  

    It’s amazing, all the places this video is turning up. This is my friend’s baby, we’ve all been watching the video since it happened last month. He’s been all over the local news, national chat shows, everywhere! Thank you so much for sharing baby Will with a whole new crowd of people! (and, fyi, his mother is saying ‘how big is Will?’ to get the ‘so big’ response)

  4. anthony   โ€ข     Author

    @Lottie: No exploiting!

    @AJ: Wow, that’s quite cool. Where was it taken?

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