Friday Photo – Greystones beach at daybreak

Daybreak at the beach

Yes, yes I know it’s Monday but I forgot to post the Friday photo and so I’m making it up for it now. Saturday night led me once again to Darren and Lottie‘s for drinks and fun times. The above photo was taken when we trundled down to the beach when the sun came up.

6 replies on “Friday Photo – Greystones beach at daybreak”

Honestly – you can’t call it the Friday Photo is taken on a Saturday and posted on a Monday. There are rules you know! 😡

@David: By the looks of the photos, not really. 🙂

@Lottie: I know, I’ve broken the space time continuum.

That’s a class photo. You’ll get lots of cheesy feel good memories when you look back at it in years to come I’m sure 😀

@Annie: I’ve no doubt I will.

@raptureponies: I was struggling to comprehend whether that was us when I looked at your post. 🙂

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