Friday Photo – Muse


Taken at Muse in Marley Park on Wednesday evening. T’was a really good gig with the guys starting with ‘Map of the Problematique’ and finishing with ‘Knights of Cydonia’. ‘Feelin Good’ was sung by the whole place along with ‘Plug In Baby’ towards the end. The only crappy part of the evening was travelling to and from Marley Park. It took us an hour and twenty minutes from the city centre which meant we missed Kasabian. Boo-urns.


  1. raptureponies   •  

    Majorly swish looking – They do a mean feelin’ good.

    *tiny bit jealous*

    Sucks about missing Kasabian though!

  2. Lottie   •  

    Cool picture! Sorry I missed it. 😥

  3. Annie   •  

    Wow can’t believe it took so long to get out! I live in one of the estates beside the park; without traffic it normally takes about 20 minutes to get into town.

    The concert sounded amazing though!

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