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Proud To Be a Toyboy

Grannymar badge Yes, that’s right. Despite never having met Grannymar I’ve been inducted into the exclusive ‘Grannymar Toyboy’ club. I must have got it on reputation or else it’s the company I keep. 🙂 Never the less, I am honoured. If you haven’t read Grannymar’s blog then you should. Darren has his induction entry here.


I’ll be spending the weekend down in Kilkenny so blogging will be extra light (when is it not?). A few of us are headed down to see Ken Mc in Trainspotting.

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@Darren: Yeah, I overheard someone talking about it and invited myself. 🙂 😛

@Lottie: I know. Have no idea who took it though. 😛

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