Six word memoir

Via Alice, Grannymar and Darren (who tagged me) is the six word memoir. The task: write your memoir in just six words. Google defines memoir as “an account of the author’s personal experiences”. Now I haven’t done a tremendous amount in life but this is mine:

“Technology, sport and funniness: my fundamentals”

Googling funniness gave me this.

I won’t tag five blogs as I know some people don’t like being tagged but I’ll do two: Alexia and Kev.


  1. Darren   •  

    Good memoir! I like it!

  2. Alice   •  

    I love the frogs! Funny, I was planning a blog on them for today but was too tired last night to bother. I’ll just look at yours awhile and do mine later.

  3. Darren   •  

    Chances of Kev responding? Slim to none. 😀

  4. anthony   •     Author

    Darren Probably. He’s still been tagged though.

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