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I’m an ambassador for…

Damien asked us what we were ambassadors for. I’ve done some thinking and have come up with the following:

  • Blacknight Solutions: My site used to be hosted in the US with Lunarpages cos it was cheaper. Unfortunately they messed me about and the server wasn’t reliable so I decided to move back. Blacknight were very affordable, reliable and I haven’t had one problem with their service. In fact, they go out of their way to help you if they can. I recommend them to anyone for hosting.
  • Camera phones: This may seem ridiculous but I’ve honestly taken some cherished photos on my camera phone. It’s the nights you don’t plan that are often the best so having a way to capture it is great. This was one of the things that put me off the iPhone.
  • Non-geeky terms: So much of technology is hidden behind acronyms and overly complicated language. It’s like a walled garden and, in most cases, it’s unnecessary. A point made by Sabrina Dent at CreativeCamp highlighted the barrier that a signup Wiki created at previous bar camps.
  • WordPress: I’ve been a user since it forked off from b2 and, even though it has its faults, WordPress is still the best blogging platform in my opinion. Now, I’m not blind to the failings or ignorning the fact that some people have had problems getting listened to by the core developers. The fact remains that WordPress is easy for blogging newbies to pick up. I’ve seen it with some of my own mates.
  • The movie Swingers: It’s funny, well written, has great performances and is the film which really introduced Vince Vaughan.

I couldn’t finish the post without putting in this clip from Swingers. “Hi Nicky, it’s Mike again”

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