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America Trip ’08: West to East

I’m doing a driving holiday to the States this year in September with a couple of mates. We’re looking at a total of three weeks with the following stops:

Las Vegas from the 5th – 8th September (The Grand Canyon, big casinos etc)
LA from the 8th – 10th (Hollywood sign, Mann’s Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame, Universal Studios)
San Francisco 10 – 12th (Golden Gate, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz)

from there we’ll be traveling north to Oregon and on to Mount Saint Helens in Washington state. Then it’s east to Yellowstone Park and Mount Rushmore continuing east (we may stay over in Chicago for a night if we’re on time) to the next hotel stop in:

Toronto from 21st – 22nd (Niagra Falls) and then finally to:
New York from 23rd – 26th (Empire State, Times Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, maybe a Broadway show)

A map explains the plan easier:

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Anyhow, it’s clear that we’ll be covering a lot of miles. There’ll be 3 of us driving (pending me passing my test) so we’ll split it up as we go. I’ve been using to plan out the days, routes etc and it’s a great web app, highly recommended.

Here’s where you come in. Have you been to any of the cities above? What would you recommend we see?

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Only been to New York. Empire State building is good but a LONG wait to get to the top.

Wouldn’t bother with the twin towers, they ain’t there any more.

Tip numero 1: Wear a skirt to your driving test!

During the summer months, the Empire State Building is a terribly long wait… but it shouldn’t be so bad in late September.

Hope to see you sometime during your trip!

I wouldnt bother with the Empire State and if you do at least go at night. 20 dollars to get into an elevator that gives you a nose bleed. You should check out the big ass TOys r Rus in time square, they have a big wheel and everything and yes i am a 10 year old boy stuck in a winos body. Go to the bar from Cheers if your near boston and go to 5th avenue and throw stuff at celebs.

I notice that you are hitting SF just as TechCrunch 50 is happening. Coincidence or are you planning a super-dooper secret app and launching it to the world? 🙂

In SF, I love Chinatown. You won’t get to see the whole city, though. There’s also some really trendy shops on Hayes and Haight Streets. And you should try go to the world famous bookshop City Lights. There’s also that infamous steak joint – John’s Grill.

And if you have time, try to stop by the Beach Chalet at Ocean Beach. They sometimes have music outside.

Dave: Cool, I hate queueing up for stuff anyway.

Dar: Sound. I’ll take the refund for the flights so. 😛

Adrian: Good tip man. We’ll definitely fit that in.

Alexia: Ha, I did see that last week alright. is under heavy development, don’t know if we’ll be ready by Techcrunch. 😉

City Lights looks cool and isn’t too far from where we’re based so I’ll try and fit it in. John’s Grill eh? Definitely. The Beach Chalet looks good so hopefully hit that as well. Thanks for the tips.

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