Partial feeds piss me off

Well, not in the grand scheme of things but it is one of the most annoying things that blog publishers can do. I honestly can’t see a reason for it. 😕 If I’ve subscribed to a blog then i’ve probably visited your site so why do you force me to go back everytime you publish? It “breaks” the concept of RSS/Atom feeds for me. A few months ago I subscribed to Grandad’s Head Rambles but, due to the fact he uses partial feeds, I’ve found myself less inclined to even read the partial updates in Bloglines. I’ve unsubscribed from blogs because of this before and apparently I’m not the only one.

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I use partial feeds, Anthony; do I piss you off too?

Mind you, if I actually posted then that might mitigate things somewhat. Certainly, by pulling people to the site, I think it helps to engage them more, rather than reading everything through a feed-reader where they’re not getting everything. They’re getting a minimised snippet of what’s happening, and not seeing the discussions, other content, etc.

That’s what your doing though Kev, you’re pulling people to your site rather than giving them the choice of finding other entries if they find that one interesting. I trust that if people like a post they’ll come to the site to find others.

I hate partial feeds. The only reason I can see for having them is if the site is relying on hits for ad revenue or is looking for a direct hit on an advert.

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