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The Most Hated Family in America

I was disappointed to miss Louis Theroux’s documentary about the Westboro Baptist Church on Sunday. For those who don’t know them, they are the crazy people who picket soldier’s funerals and generally spread a message of hate. Louis lived with them for 3 weeks to explore their motivation behind their “preaching” and the resulting programme is astonishing. Luckily some punter ripped it to Youtube in seven parts so here they are: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7. I’m hoping the BBC have the good sense not to pull it from Youtube.

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o my god they were the craziest people I’ve ever seen. He was quite funny I think they all fancied him by the end. So much for no interest in men!!!

Lors: I did appear like they were quite normal apart from their mad-ass beliefs.

I actually have this downloaded chief if you want it (dunno whether youve tubed it already).

I felt sorry for the kids personally. The grandad came off as such an arrogant prick. He wouldnt answer any legitimate questions. Also thought Louis really should have followed up on the people who left the family.

Paddy, I think you would have got a similar story from those who left, “their beliefs are crazy”, so I didn’t mind the fact that he didn’t deal with it.

I sure bet these pieces of shit don’t mind so much living in the country that those “supposed fags” fight for….for them! While they are running around living the good life, those “supposed fags” are out living in horrid conditions…for them! There is so much evil and sin in this world that I must wonder….who the hell picks this one to fight? Why don’t they go to the prisons and have a party when a prisoner, who obviously committed a horrible murder, is executed? Why don’t they go to strip clubs and whore houses and picket there (that’s where your aids gets spread….duh!), oh, oh, what I’d really like to see, is them in an extreme GHETTO picketing drugs and prostitution…ha!

This family is just a bunch of cowards! They really need to find a relaxing hobby…all of them! Losers!

This is just typically another group of radicals causing havoc and taking the context of the bible as it suits them. I mean Christ himself did heal the lover of a Roman Centurion. The whole point of Christ’s message is to love others as you love yourself not to place blame and to judge, in fact the bible does say that it is not our place to judge anyone.

These people are going to hell. They have judged and as for those who have given their life for the service of their country we salute you and honor you for what you have done and thank their families and our prayers are with you.

As for freedom of speech maybe these are the people that should be going to “Gitmo” for causing hatred and religious upheval

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