Johnny Massacre

I got an email during the week from comedian Des Bishop about a film that his mate Mike Casey had done on Johnny Massacre, a street performer from Galway. Mike directed Des’ shows Joy in the Hood and Work Experience and has only recently put this film up on youtube. The film itself is only four and a half minutes long but is powerful. I’d implore you to watch it.

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That needs a tag-line/motto/moral-of-the-story put on the end… and to be screened on RTE.

it’s a very good piece, anthony i think you did it a disservice with your write up you should have put it better, maybe a little more sombre and a little less sensationalist.
it’s always sad when someone dies tragically.

A disservice? How exactly? Yes it was a tragedy. This guy obviously loved what he did, unlike 99% of people and was proud of it. That’s why I linked to it.

“The film itself is only four and a half minutes long but is powerful. Iā€™d implore you to watch it.”
the words are sensational tony. there’s a way to put things like this.

john woz 1 of my favourite people on the planet and a gr8 mate.really enjoyed the film.thanks

thank you a fiiting tribute. Johnny was a wonderful person and performer who is greatly missed by friends and family.

I knew johnny well and love the fact that there are pieces like this on the internet.
He was a wonder and an inspiration. We really miss him.

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