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This week saw the release of a couple of new trailers so I thought I’d give my thoughts on them. They are:

Superman Returns Superman Returns: The official trailer for Superman Returns is now out and it looks fantastic. There’s just something about that signature music. 🙂 The trailer features Kevin Spacey hamming it up as Lex Luthor and also Kate Bosworth as the love interest who got knocked up and married in the time he was away. The cinematography is signature Singer and he looks to have captured the essence of the Superman films. We’ll know by June anyway.

Casino Royale: The first teaser for Daniel Craig’s Bond is heavy on action with the minimum of dialogue. Judie Dench’s M doubts whether the young Bond is up to the job or not and what follows would seem to suggest that he’ll be just fine. We also get a brief look at Sebastien Foucan’s Parkour skills as he jumps across a construction site. Presumably he’ll do more than that come the movie considering he’s one of the villians. Looking forward to seeing this in November.

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Both trailers look good but I really love the Superman one. Daniel Craig looks more like a villian than a Bond in the trailer. Clever of them to bring parkour into it too.

He’ll do well to shake off the bad guy image alright Damien. They seem to be using that to suggest he’s a bit of a loose cannon. The full trailer should tell us more anyway but that’s not for a few months.

Smart move to introduce the parkour element though. It’s the hip thing and certainly looks good on film. I’d be interested to see how much dialogue they give to Foucan though.

i think you’ll find the Singer signature cinematography should be credited to Newton Thomas Sigel who is the director of photography,
the reason it looks like singers signature is they’ve worked together on nearly every big movie he’s made, from usual suspects to xmen to Apt Pupil and Xmen 2,
he also did the recent brothers grimm with terrry gilliam which had a fantastic look.
while paul haggis the man behind crash and the guy who adapted million dollar baby for the screen is writing the new bomnd, i’m not that hopeful, the production team are pretty much 1-3 for bond since they hired brosnan, they’ve made three very bad movies since goldeneye. they need a hot badly, the bourne franchise has really robbed the place of edgey spy movies from bond, fingers crossed it doesn’t turn into a parody of bond like so many of the last movies, the director Micahel Campbell is back from goldeneye, which is a good sign,However he was also behind those awful recent Zorro movies.
just one complaint, he’s driving a db5 in the early books he drove a bentley

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