Cool cam

First time I’ve ever posted video direct from youtube so hopefully it works. Found it whilst wandering through tcal. I really want one of those cams.


  1. Irvine   •  

    Thats really cool.:cool:

  2. Kevin T   •  

    I really love this page. I love the content of this page. You made my day.Unbelievable efforts 🙂

  3. Kevin T   •  

    Ok, seriously, get HashCash from – you really need it badly and I have had only a few instances since I installed it.

    Quickly Anthony, quickly!

  4. anthony   •     Author

    Hmmm. Akismet seemed to miss a load of those comments so I’ve installed Hashcash to see how it does. Suprised bad-behaviour didn’t catch them either. I see the addition of smilies is going down well anyway. 🙂

  5. trev   •  

    nice cool cam, are you considering investing in one

  6. anthony   •     Author

    Nah it’d be too much to pay for an item I’d use rarely.

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