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Irish Blog Awards - Pic by RobinI’m late to this but just wanted to re-cap on two events I attended last week. First up was an IAA talk given by Michele Neylon entitled “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Blogging”. It was the first talk of its kind that I have attended and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a wide range of people at the talk and there was some great discussion on the origins of blogs and how to use blogging for business. I was probably one of the more technically minded people at the talk along with Bernie and Brian. Michele’s presenting style was good in that he would take questions from the audience which would then shape the discussion that followed. All in all a great afternoon and I hope to be attending more of those talks soon.

Saturday night was the inaugural Irish Blog Awards held in the Alexander Hotel. I wasn’t nominated myself but went along as I wanted to put faces to some of the blogs I’ve been reading over the past year. The attendance was excellent with 170 people turning up. Damien Mulley deserves a big pat on the back for arranging the event and putting it together so professionally. Bernie does a much better job than me of explaining it in more detail so I’ll leave it to him. 🙂

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