fm104For those not from Dublin, FM104 is one of the capital’s biggest radio stations. I confess to not listening to it much but did visit their site the other day. I was doing a search for an event that was on in Dublin a few weeks ago, namely the “WipeOut Pure DJ and Producer Competition” that a mate of mine competed in. Google suggested that had a feature on it so I duely went to the page only to find a borked layout and text all over the place. I fired up Internet Explorer to check if the issue was Firefox’s adherance to standards and sure enough it displayed fine.

Why can’t one of the biggest radio stations in the country get their website to display in Firefox? I know it’s only that particular section that doesnt display right but the underlying code is a mess and worse, it’s been developed by MediaSpanOnline who are based in California. There are hundreds of decent design and hosting agencies in the country so its even harder to fathom why they haven’t given the business to people here.

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Very strange alright Eoghan. Maybe they wanted to save a few cents with the exchange rate. 🙂

C’mon Trev, my Irish is incredibly limited. 🙁

FM104 have recently been sold, perhaps the new owners will improve the site.

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