DSC00730Finally have both hard drives running back as normal. It took the best part of a week but I’m happy now and have a schedule for backing things up just in case. Random things:

  • Went to my colleague’s funeral on Thursday. It was a lovely occasion as his band played at the crematorium and everyone was clapping along. Still very hard to believe.
  • One thing I forgot to back up was the database file from Movie Collector Pro so I’ll need to re-enter 100 odd DVDs. At least it wasn’t anything crucial.
  • Going to Kanye West on Friday and really looking forward to it.
  • Sorting out the details of our holiday to Orlando at the moment. Looks like we’ll be staying pretty close to all the major theme parks. 🙂
  • Have caught up on the episodes of Lost I had downloaded. Will now have to wait for two weeks before the next one. Boo-urns.
  • Stuck the Royale theme on as my Windows XP theme of choice. It’s quite nice and looks like Media Centre so I’d recommend it.
  • I’ve stuck up a couple of shots from Mark’s birthday drinks last week including the one shown of some random punter loitering in the background. He seems fairly happy though. 🙂

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Considering that the entire Orlando area is replete with theme parks, it’s pretty difficult to NOT be near them when you stay there! Most people looking for decent bargain accommodations actually end up staying in Kissimmee. I think just about all the hotels in the area have shuttles to the major parks, so it’s not a problem at all.

Be sure to ride “The Incredible Hulk Coaster” for me at “Islands of Adventure!”

Thanks for the tip Dave, I’ll look into Kissimmee as it doesn’t seem to be too far from Orlando. I’ll definitely be riding that coaster as it looks fantastic. 🙂

As for the mug, it’s a vodka and coke. I got the mug after ordering ice-cream in a restaurant we went to.

you know what they call a windows xp pc in france? a royale with cheese.
you know why they call it a royale with cheese?
because of the difference in voltage systems?
check out the big brain on brad!

kanye west isn’t he racist against texan presidents. i know what you mean about lost i’m hooked on 24 again and i hate having to wait for it to air.

Hmmm, what’s that from Trev?

Haven’t watched 24 in a while, that could be a new download alright.

Battlestar Gallactica ftw. Did you watch those episode at all ony?

Battlestar Galactica (the new series) is actually quite good. I think they took a risk on making a science fiction series along the similar lines to 24, with the hand-held camera action, parallel storylines, a pretty harsh attitude to life and focusing on characters and plot more than action. Probably seems like a pretty obvious approach, but considering the safe pap they usually come out with I think it was probably something that was hard to sell to the networks in the US.

When I saw the pilot episode i was impressed but I figured it would turn to shite after that. I was more impressed with the fact that it actually got better as the series went on. Good stuff; as made-for-tv science fiction goes, it’s damn good.

Check it out there Tony and give us a review.

new BG will never be as good as the old one, you can’t top blokes wrapped in tinfoil wand bakin trays with plastic swords fighting against face and his visorless safety helmet

Wolfy: I have those episodes ready to watch at a quiet time during Gamecon this weekend.

Kev: Don’t know about a review as I amn’t really up to speed on sci-fi to make comparisons.

Trev: I’ll take your word for it. 🙂

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