Cable car system for the Liffey

From metroblogging dublin comes the news that plans are being proposed for a cable car system running the length of the Liffey from Heuston Station to the Docklands. The cars would run 80 metres above the river and hold about 25 people. There’s an artists impression of how it will look on that site but I think the whole idea is ridiculous. First off it’s unsightly and I’d be reluctant to create another “tourist attraction” after our famous Spire. I’m all in favour of bringing more people to the city but it won’t be done with half baked ideas like this. How about we aim to bring prices down? It’s €5.10 for a pint of Miller in The Temple Bar. Explain to me how we can attract tourists with gimmicks like a cable car system when we rip them off when they want to go for a drink.

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saw a cartoon in Phoenix thought it was a joke
at least it would have some function unlike the spire
– still, on that score you might has well do the whole kabuzzi and get a proper public (non-tourist) transport going for a change here, whether overhead or underground…

metroblogs.. seems dublin has just been ‘ officially opened’ on it 🙂
= newsbit on

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