Sunday night was an experience as both of my hard drives had their master boot record and boot partitions corrupted. I had been trying to make a ghost image of Windows XP but the process messed up and nuked the drives. I’m still able to see the contents of the partitions so I can recover the data. It’ll just be a little while before I get it back to normal working order. Was pretty stressed about it but then….

Got bad news yesterday in work. A colleague of mine whom I’ve worked with for two years died over the weekend. He was well respected and had become a good friend over the past few weeks in work. Rest in peace Derek. You lived your days instead of counting the years.


  1. trev   •  

    thats terible news about your friend, sorry to hear it, i hope his family are able to cope somehow. stuff like that always puts things into perspective,

  2. Peter   •  

    Some interesting stuff here..sorry about the bad news

    When you feel like looking at it, I don’t think the Dubin email support system works anymore (for the past month anyway)

  3. anthony   •     Author

    Trev: Very true man. He had a great send off in the crematorium as his band played one of the tunes he wrote.

    Peter: The helpdesk is working fine. You’ll receive a reply asap.

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