Fake or Foto?

Got this from Podz. It’s called Fake or Foto? and you basically have to guess which of the images are CG and which are real. I got 8/10 so it’s not bad going.

BTW: If you noticied a bit of weirdness in the feed it’s due to the fact that I updated any posts with pics in them to reflect the modified CSS.

5 replies on “Fake or Foto?”

Excellent, a superior performance–ten out of ten answers were correct.

If you got a perfect score on the first try then you’re a REAL genius. But, if it took a few tries, then we congratulate you on your perseverance for it shows the CG artists are keeping you guessing. Now check out the bonus round — if you dare!

I’m a REAL genius. FYA!!!

I am also a superior genius, but I’m not afraid to admit that I didn’t do so well on the bonus quiz. Conor, I assume this stumped you also, otherwise you might have mentioned it.

Yes. I am afraid to admit weakness. Ryano has shamed me yet again.

Im disappointed I only got 8 out of 10 now. My geek powers are diminishing.

9 out of 10. The one that did catch me out made me feel a part of it was fake but the rest was so convincing I went with real.

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