Loose Cows

I like that title. 🙂 One of the loose cows We came across a group of cows on the road near Dunboyne while on the way to football today. We called a local farmer who we thought owned the cows. When we were on the way back they were still there so we pulled in and tried to find a place to get them off the road. We put them in an adjacent field and called the Gardai to inform them. 😐 Here’s what else has been happening:

  • Tomorrow night is the Christmas party in work and we’re having an overnighter in a hotel in Enfield. Looks quite nice so I’m looking forward to it.
  • I managed to buy tickets for Robbie Williams in Croke Park next summer. I rolled out of bed at 7.50 and had my tickets by 8.02, a whole two minutes after they had gone on sale. 😀 Rarely, if ever, have I had a transaction go that smoothly, especially with Ticketmaster. They had sold 80,000 tickets in 20 mins. 😯
  • The legendary comedian Richard Pryor died today. I loved his 1989 comedy with Gene Wilder, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil” and the man was an inspiration to many comedians. RIP.

To finish off, here’s a great video of Jeremy Clarkson destroying a Porsche 911. 🙂

11 replies on “Loose Cows”

cows huh.
out in county meath heh,
you being from county dublin; knew what to do hah,
poor old Richard Prior, did a lot fo to raise awarness of the suffering of MS Victims.

mind yo he didn’t do the readathon every year til he was twelve, but i’m sure what he did helped.

If you’re doing an overnighter in Enfield tomorrow night, is it safe to assume you won’t be in work on Tuesday?

Readathon. 🙂

Conor, no, that’s not safe to assume. Should be in on Tuesday afternoon. Boo-urns

Awwww… I had such wonderful plans. 🙁

Is it safe to assume you’ll be hungover?

So you basically took cows and put them in another farmers field…….. and how pray tell if those cows had wandered a fair bit was the owner of said cows supposed to find them? 🙂

That’s his problem. Someone could hit them as they were congregating on a blind corner.

Or, someone could have roasted them, or turned them into spam. Or they could have evolved, and developed higher intelligence, and negotiated a new standard of animal welfare, voting rights for cows and the like.

Or they could have hidden, and played pranks on poor Farmer O’Shaughnessy.

damn straight it’s his problem, the driver would be considered in the wrong if he knocked down a cow and yet that bastard meath bastard farmer bastard let them roam free on the road, bastard

Cows are tagged. If a driver hit said cow he calls the gardai and it’s the farmer up shit creek altho most farmers will have farm insurance covering them for this.

Many cows these days are also fitted with explosive devices to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
His owner was a thick c*nt from Cavan. He was safer getting out and walking.

It’s no fun to hit a cow in your car though. Someone could have been killed.

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