Driver Theory Test

Well today I passed my Driver Theory Test. What is it? Basically a test which ensures you’re not a complete dumbass when it comes to road procedure and signage. I mean you’d have to be really stupid to get some of those questions wrong. One of them reads:

Q. Should you allow children to stand with their heads up through an open sun-roof?
A. (a) Yes at speeds below 50 kilometres per hour.
(b) Yes, provided they wear eye protection.
(c) No.

If someone gets that wrong they should be banned from driving for life. Who would think it’s OK if you equip the kid with goggles? 😆

8 replies on “Driver Theory Test”

Yeah but now you gotta pass the actual test and then not crash in your first year as statistically your likely to do.

well done anthony,

i’m sure some of the questions were a bit trickier?

with questions like that i’d be so busy trying to stop myself laughing that i would probably lose the plot and fail 😀

Trev: It’s C mate, C. 😛

Wolfy: Statistics also suggest you’re likely to find a koala sitting at your PC when you go home.

Janine: Yeah, I don’t like the hand signals ones at all. Luckily I didn’t get any really funny ones during the test itself or I probably would have done the same. 😀

How did you know about my koala!!!! Have you put a camera in my bedroom again!!!!

50% of the comments on this post has mentioned statistics. 😛

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