The title of this post is meant to indicate two things. Firstly it’s that I have a nasty cold on me at the moment. Haven’t been well since Wednesday and it’s not responding to the whole Beecham’s Hot Blackcurrant assault I’ve been using. It seems that a lot of people are unwell of late. That sentence brings me to the second point in that the weather has taken a turn over the past couple of days. I noticied it last night when we went for a few pints after work and, even though I haven’t been out today, supposedly it’s quite cold again. Looks like the winter is really setting in.

In football news, the kids game for tomorrow morning has been called off. This is the second time in as many weeks and, although we can’t do anything about the weather, I know the lads will be getting despondent about the whole situation.

Otherwise things are good. I’ve re-partitioned one of the drives to allow for better storage and I’m now going to inspect the innards of my machine to get the front USB ports working. What an exciting life I lead. 😉

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I will indeed Michele. Looking forward to the evening.

get well soon anthony! 🙂

you’re right, every second person is struck down with a cold at the moment if it’s any consolation.

stay away from the monitor a while and you should feel much better 😀

Thanks Janine. Pity I can’t stay away from these damned monitors. 🙂

aw poor wickle tonywony has a coldie woldie, suck it up and get on with it man, anyone would think you had a real problem

so is your cold gone then, will you be allright for saturdays session,come on champ, you’re letting me down here

Kev T: It would be rude not to alright. 🙂

Wolfy: Michele is a fellow blogger I know and owns a company we do some work with. Janine is also a blogger and one of the only girls I know who writes techy stuff. 🙂

Trev: I will be grand by then man. No problem scober.

wahey chief, ta an tony omnipresent.
spidefear soiderfear, your friendly neighbourhood spiderfear

Hey Anto, you can set all your friends up with each other via your blog. You can charge a service, write a plugin, and become a hero to nerds everywhere! Yay!

And you’ll still be at home with a cold, so it’ll be no good to you.

Hope you make it to foootie tomorrow. That’s right girls, his debilitating condition is preventing his footballing genius from shining, his enthusiastic shouting is sorely missed.

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