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Sky News Flash!!

This entry has absolutely nothing to do with a news flash but that’s what seems to get attention these days so I’m using it. Instead this is a general update on what the hell I’ve been up to and some cool stuff I want to link to:

  • I’ve been viewing Sam Javanrouh’s “Daily Dose of Imagery” now for some months and have to say that it’s fantastic. The site is basically a photoblog where Sam posts a fresh photo each day. Some of recent favourites include: flying girl, pigeons and the girl, ghost on bench, moon at the beaches, canada day – beaches. He really has an eye for a great photo.
  • I went to the “Stand Up Against Racism” gig last Friday in Vicar Street. A superb line up provided some of the best laughs I’ve had in a long time and we kept the party going afterwards at 4 Dame Lane until the early hours. Sadly, on Friday evening a racist attack occured in Liverpool where an innocent young man was killed with an axe. People who commit these atrocities should be put away for life – meaning life.
  • Big “Happy Birthday” to Louise whose birthday it was on Monday. We went out to “The Village” bar on Sunday night to celebrate and, as it was karaoke night, most of the group (besides me) put in to sing songs. Lisa was the only one called up but she did a superb rendition of Scissor Sisters – “Take Your Moma”. Have some quality photos from the night that need uploading, hopefully get to that in the next couple of days.
  • It’s but two weeks away from the holiday now with myself and Mark flying on the 18th. Another mate, Hugh, was meant to go but the flights went up in price and he chose to drop out. 🙁 We’re still determined to have a great holiday and will be staying in my uncle’s apartment so accomodation isn’t a worry. 🙂
  • Gamecon 7 is coming up this weekend. For the uninitiated it’s a LAN based event where people bring their PCs along to play networked games for a day or so. This event is 36 hours but I don’t know if I’m going to be able to last that long. 😯

That’s all I have time for now considering I’m at a meeting in another part of the city in 15 minutes. At least my boss is driving. 🙂

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yeah and who have the police picked up for the mindless racist murder, only joey barton brother, thats man city’s joey “i put a cigar out in a youth team players eye” and “i tried to beat up a 15 year old everton fan til my club captain stopped me, so i tried to beat him up instead, only he’s way bigger than me” barton

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