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Well, I had my final consultation with my dermatologist last week. I’ve just been finishing off the course of Roaccutane over the past while and the difference that it’s made has been noticeable. I get quite a few comments about it from friends/relatives and although it’ll never be perfect, I’m more than happy with the results. Going on Roaccutane was about sorting a problem I had been living with for 10 years. I only saw it as a problem in certain situations but I never need to do that again. Some people talk about the side affects of Roaccutane but I can honestly say that I didn’t experience any serious side affects. Yes, there were days when my mood was all over the place. I will never forget one particularly horrific incident when my skin was peeling badly and I only noticied it when I went to the toilet. 😳

However, it did the job for me. I believe strong drugs like Roaccutane should be monitored and researched constantly to make sure that their positive effects don’t outweigh their negative ones. I’m now more outgoing than I previously was and, although it sounds stupid, I’ve noticied more women looking at me in bars. 😉

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i got acne when i was ten and have had it ten yrs. was on every antibiotic even dianette at 14 for 4yrs. have 2 PILE on makeup 2 look half normal(i dont no how id live without it). get scared 2 go out in daylight etc dont hav much of a life, its a pity cos i take really gud care of myself wit exercise and diet and hav hardly any other problems. finally been put on roaccutane 3wks ago,havent had any depession or anything yet, i actually feel happier than i have in a long time. im so exited about the results, iv had a few small side effects but i dont care im sure it’ll be worth it! :mrgreen:

I am 37 years old
I never had acne in my life but last summer acne started to show on my nech then on my face the right side then started on the other side. I tried 2 kinds of antibiotecs but doesn’t work . Before 4 months and half I started roaccutane 40 mg daily my weith is 64 kilos from the 2nd. week the acne stopped and after one month I couldn’t see any Acne on my face. It worked like magic but after 4 months of using it I stared to feel always tired and dryness.
The doctor told me its enough and you can stop the roaccutane .
I am very worried is 4 months and half are enough of taking roaccutane .
I am worried if the acnes after 3 or 4 months start again.can you advise me if I can stop the roaccutane .

🙁 Hi every1,
My first app with the dermo was in 1995 i had what was called pitariasis(not sure of spelling) all over my torso It looked like a rash with hives,boils in the pattern of my ribcage. (That went away but have it on my legs and face.) Since then i have been on antibiotics,had every kind of cream + pill,injection, test you can think of, microdermabrasin, Spent thousands at the likes of Skin focus,1998 Roaccutane for eight months for systic acne feeling real bad by this stage. Dint work for me,hated it. I tried healthshops ie potions, tablets Proactive, everything. I am now 29. have just invested in a dermawand we will see how that goes. As i am completly over it i had two moles removed on my face this week so now have stitches also am back on antiboitics, antidepressants I use cetaphil face wash and intensive moisturiser someone told me i need to see myself as more than just my skin. i agree but that is a hard thing to do. how can you feel semi normal when you look like a freak on the outside? and as for the comment get over it from someone, Thats what we are trying to do people like you do not help! 😕

Hi all,
wow im not alone. I went to see a dermotologist a couple of weeks ago and she prescribed Roaccutane. She took bloods before I started the course and will monitor them every 6 weeks in the hospital. Ive noticed over the last two weeks of taking them (mind you im only on 10 mg progressing to 20mgs this week) that my skin is drier, tighter, and my lips are all cracked as well as eyes dry.Some back discomfort. Try “ceralip by La Roche-Posay” for the lips. Handy size tube to carry around. I really think its so important to seek a dermotologist that understands how dangerous these really are, so that they will monitor the course regulary and carefully. Doctors do not speciallise in skin dissorders and some times prescribe these without realizing the effects they have. I have systic acne which recently one developed under my arm pit. After a couple of weeks it was the size of half a golf ball and extremely sore. Im hopping this will not reacure though it has scarred badly. Will keep you all updated if any mad changes!
Good luck to us all! 🙂

I’m glad it worked for you.
Reading through the replies, it would seem that people have had mixed experiences with this medication.
I’m 17 and have just finished my 6 month course, and can vouch for much of what has been said here.

Yes, your lips get dry (all the frickin’ time), as does your skin, but It’s the worse side effects that worry me.
There was a noticeable affect on my mental state, to the point where I considered going off the medication.
Depression can quite often result from this drug, and I’m hoping it goes away soon after ceasing treatment.

However, the acne that I had is completely gone, and hopefully for good.

Anyone looking to go on this medication?
I advise you research thouroughly and keep in mind that it affects people in different ways.
If you do decide it is worth it, remember to keep tabs on the way you feel, don’t just pass it off.

I am 36 and have cystic acne since i was around 16. I took dianette up until a year and half ago and this kept my skin beautifully clear. I actually thought I had grown out of the acne. However i came off the pill in Nov 06 and the following summer (last summer) the cysts reappeared. theyre not as bad as they used to be but they’re still bad. Anyway, I’ve been taking anti-biotics since last september and they do work. I have an appointment for October to see a dermatologist about taking roaccutane as i don’t want to take antibiotics forever and I don’t want to take the pil again. I’m just wondering what people think….am i mad to take such a heavy duty drug, when I could just continue taking antibiotics with no side effects at all?

Hi, I was put on Roaccutane about 5 years ago. This was a pretty new drug at the time and not alot was know about it, or the side effects. I got it on the NHS which at the time was rare and a normal course was about £500!!! i had two courses. Whilst taking the drug, initially i didnt see any improvement. After about two months my skin began to improve. I didnt experience any of the dry skin or chapped lips, however i was getting about 7 severe nose bleeds a day (not good when your a chef). I perservered with the treatment and i can honestly say that it was well worth it. 5 years later i have hardly had any flare ups, only the odd spot here and there on my face, although my forehead didnt really see much improvement but i have a fringe to cover that!! I had regular blood tests whilst i was on the medication, and was also given an allergy test prior to taking starting it. it worked for me….give it a go but make sure you are monitored regularly.

Hi all. Glad to see that this topic is still being discussed. Please feel free to continue to share your experiences.

I’ve been on Roaccutane for two months now (i’m 27) and have definitely seen an improvement. I have never had clear skin and was initially using Dianette to help however after a nasty bout before christmas that left me with scars i was referred to the dermatologist. I am on 60mg so three tablets a day and am two months in. I have an appointment with the dermatologist next week for my check up to see how things are. Its odd because i seem to be the only person on Roaccutane mainly for scars and not actual spots so for those worried about scarring it might also help. The scars on my back have all but nearly gone (and they were very deep scars) and the ones on my face i can see getting lighter. My face is also not as greasy as it used to be – have hardly touched face powder since i’ve been on it!

My main side effects have only been very dry lips (started on my fourth day), very dry inside of my nose which results in scabs (nice but at least no-one sees them!) and slightly dry skin on my face (can only say i’ve noticed it twice when i’ve dried my face with a towel a bit too hard). I do have very sore heels at the moment which i’m not sure if are a side effect – can’t think what else it could be so going to check with the dermatologist. I did have an odd rash appear on a flight – looked like blisters that had popped, wasn’t sore just looked a bit horrible. On the flight home i made sure i put lots of moisturisers on my arms and i avoided it – don’t think the dryness of my skin mixed with the dryness of the air in the plane mixed very well!

Everybody is so different – i was really worried after reading some side effects but if you don’t give it a try, you’ll never know. Good luck to everyone that is on it – it will be worth it in the end 🙂

im 16 and ive had fairly bad skin for about two years, and i went to a dermatologist who put me on roaccutane for a course of 8 weeks on 20mg so thats one tablet a day. I have to say the difference is amazing!!! in just 8 weeks? I did get one or two nosebleeds to begin with and my skin got fairly dry but my dermatologist recommend loads of creams&gels aswell that work with the drug!! I would have to recommend zindaclin gel which i put on between 7 & 9 each night and then before i got to sleep i either use a neostrate moisturiser or once a week i use differin gel which is a topical drup for acne!! I think all this worked really well together! Im back on it again now for 4weeks just to neaten up a few spots. I would recommend roaccutane if your willing to take the risk!! 😆 😆

im on roaccutane going into my ninth week now, it was my first day back today at playing basketball. I didnt stop runinng for an hour and when i was finished i notice my face was as red as a tomato, no exageration on that, people were asking me if i was ok !! its nerly two hours later and my face is still bright red . is this something thats going to be a problem for the rest of my course of roaccutane!?

I used Roccautaine a few years ago. Apart from one incident of uncontrollable crying [embarrassing] I had no side effects at all and the drug worked a treat. It was the best money I have ever spent. My GP was very thorough and did regular blood tests. Given the strength of this drug regular meetings with your GP and vigilance are advised. Best of luck to everyone considering this.

Hi Joanne,i’ve the same face is as red as a beetroot and peeling like i’ve ecezema.this is my third time on roaccutane.i was on it 4 d first time at 15.i had beautiful skin til i was 21,my acne came back.i went back on roaccutane again and it cleared up was only around 6 months ago that it came back again.i’m 26.i am told i’m an exception.the side effects are definitely worse this time.people n work tink keep lookn at me.ah well.i hope it works for good dis time.i think u do get a little depressed on it tho.i tink it’s a mixture of not knowing if it will work and the side-effects.i found i’ve got drunk way quicker as well. mayb that’s a good ting as it’s so frigging is everyone else finding d expense of it?but it really does work so please don’t get does give u loads of’ll feel like a new person x

I have just finished a course of 16 weeks of isotretinoin and just wanted to say that for me the results have been fantastic. Like some of the girls who have already left comments i have had acne for about 20 years. I am 39 and while I did not have severe or cystic acne all over my face, I had some spots all of the time, I think the last time I didn’t have a spot was about 7 years ago. All through this time I had gone back and forth to my GP only to be sent home with yet another repeat prescription for antibiotics that only worked on and off. Eventually in May of this year I booked a private appointment with a dermatologist with a view to having laser treatment. I was told that laser would not clear my skin and that my only hope to clear persistant acne like mine was isotretinoin. I wasn’t keen on the idea but decided to give it a go. I took 60mg daily for 16 weeks and I will be honest, it is a very harsh drug and I seemed to be the poster girl for side effects, I had, and still have them all, dry lips, dry nose and nosebleeds,dry scalp and some hairloss, peeling hands and feet, headaches and tiredness at the beginning and very sore,stiff joints, sore muscles after exercise, just being in the shower mske my face tight and shiny and so red I look like I’ve been blow torched. I had to stop using all my fairly expensive beauty products and started to use Simple cleanser and toner and their facial SPF30 moisturiser which are all fantastic and very soothing, and much to my husbands pleasure cheap! I’ve just re-read this and it would put me off using this treatment but I would tell anyone to use it, when I look in the mirror now and see my clear skin and know that i can leave the house wearing only mascara and vaseline on my lips, I know I would do it again if I had to, and I could cry for the fact that I waited all these years to do it. What I would also say is that this treatment has cost me almost £900 nad while it is worth it, please do not go private, it is your right to ask your GP to refer you to a consultant dermatologist (my derm told me this after I had contacted him)and sometimes you just need to stand up for yourself, I wish I had because then i could have had £900 worth of botox instead, much more appropriate for my age!

im on my second course and im just wondering if roaccutane actually permanently cures acne? my dermatologist said that it does for around 80%, about 17% need a second course and around 3% need a course. but from all ur comments it seems that the acne returns so im just thinking what is the point

Ciara, please stick wit it. For the sake of great skin possibly forever, it’s well worth. i normally have clear skin for five years before it comes back but i’m in the minority. it is a brilliant drug so please stick with it. u seem a little down?take to ur family but don’t get depressed.i’m telling u, it’ll work.

Hi everyone,ive had acne since i was about 12 iam 24 now and ive had enough it comes and goes with differant levels of severity… ive made an appointment with a dermo to go on rocataine….ive been on other medication before and nothing has worked.The only problem is iam a recovering drug addict and alcoholic and iam wondering about the depression people talk about and is rocataine addictive?it seems to get mixed reviews i think iam gonna go for it iam sick to hell of having acne,it really effects my self-esteem….the side effects cant be as bad as coming off drink and drugs!!!

Hi Paddy, I don’t think roaccutane is addictive as its just a large dose of vitamin A, the only possible thing I could think of that you may have trouble with is the effect it has on the liver especially if you’re a recovering alcoholic but I’m sure your dermatologist will ask you all manner of questions before they prescribe it to you. I have just finished my course and although I had some side effects (very dry lips, blood every time I blew my nose, very sore heels and dry skin that looked like dried blisters to name the worst!) I never experienced any depression infact there wasn’t a change in my personality at all. I think if you start taking them with the attitude that you’re going to experience side effects (from what I have read no-one seems to have the same ones!) and that you’re acne may get worse to begin with you should be ok. I know someone that refuses to read up about other peoples experiences or look at before and after pictures to show that there is a positive outcome ( have a good section on roaccutane which I looked at when I first started as I was quite daunted) and he seems to be getting quite down. The more you are prepared and understand that changes in you will probably be down to the tablets and will only last for the duration you will get on fine. I even managed to run a 10mile race on them which shocked my dermatologist!! A positive attitude will get you far – good luck at the dermatologist.

I’m on my second day of Roaccutane.

I have not had a single day of clear skin (or even good skin) for the last 14 years (I’m almost 25 years old). My school formal, wedding day and various other event were all marred by my skin. While in labour with my children I refused to shower because I didnt want my makeup to wash off and me to look all spotty in the post-birth photographs. Reading back on that you must think I’m vain – I’m not, but people who have experienced acne would know how it can change you as a person.

I have been on every different acne med known to man I reckon. The pill, years of oral antibiotics, topical lotions, different facewashes, scrubs, salon treatments, microdermabrasion, etc. This (according to my derm) is the last point of call. Wish me luck – I have all faith that this will work, if not the first course, maybe the second. Either way it WILL work and one day I will wake up and look in the mirror and for the first time since I was a kid. . . I will smile. 🙂

Hi everyone,
I’m on my 3rd day of roaccutane.
I’m 33 years old and I’ve had acne for as long as I can remember…
I finally took the big decision to go to my dermatologist and demand that she would help me get rid of my acne. She immediately recommended roaccutane. She informed me clearly of all the possible side effects and told me that – being a woman – I need to be monitored closely while taking the drug. this means that I need to have a blood and pregnancy test every month. It is comforting that I’m being monitored so closely.
So far, I haven’t experienced any side effects (but I suppose it would be a bit soon after only 3 days 😉 )
I hope I can come back to this forum soon and report on the wonderful effects of roaccutane! Fingers crossed…

Im living in Ireland and Im on roaccutane at the moment just to tidy up some scarring. In the last few days the weather has gotten really really bitter and just from walking the ten minute walk to and from school my skin has gone really dry , it feels like its been burnt off and its sore to move my jaw as its the worst around my chin. has anyone any tips on how to overcome this dryness and cracke skin?

hey guys i started the roaccutane a week and a half ago. i would deem myself to have a fairly severe case of acne. im 18 and im on the 20mg… should i be on a higher dosage does anyone know?

You could use some kind of moisturiser. During my course of it I didn’t use soap or shower gel as the dermo recommended an imolient (spelling??) to use instead. I’m in Ireland too and the level of dermo service here is poor but ring your dermo and ask him what he suggests. You GP won’t have the expertese to advise you.

it is based on body weight. You are normally on a half dose for the first month so it will probably go up after that. I was on 80mg for most of my course and am 80kg.

Jacob – i think it all depends on your dermatologist. I was on three 20mg tablets a day for four months as my dermatologist preferred to give a larger dose for a shorter period of time and no blood tests. If you’re worried, ask and they will explain it to you – it may all be down to what was causing the acne etc.

Hi all just been reading all your comments on this drug and i really dont know what to make of it. My brother has just come home from visiting a derm for the first time and he has been prescribed this. He has a severe case of acne on his back and chest. These are the only areas that he has it his face has not been affected but after reading some of the side effects that it can flare up, get worse, depression, really dry skin so much that its sore and back pain etc. Im really thinking is it really worth it.

hey all im on my 2nd week of roaccutane
but im bein treated for both acne and pitysirasis vesicolor is it normal for ur hands to get blistera and a red raw rash on them?????? help 😳 🙁 🙁

jessie, i really think roaccutane is worth it for your brother!
Im only 17 and ive had bad skin since i was 15, i mean it wasnt that bad , makeup would cover it up and i wud be fine but it was bad enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I went on roaccutane for 5 months on a very low dosage and i havent had a spot or anything since september! i really and honestly think its worth it..that depression thing happens to people but not everyone and my derm told me it only usually happens to people with a history of depression and at that its still very rare. The worst i got was dry skin and my derm told me about moisturisers i could use to help.
I hope i was of some use .

Jessie – i would say that the majority of people that are prescribed Roaccutane get a side effect of some sort so your brother is most likely to. Depression is a rare side effect and i’m sure if a member of your family notice a change in him then he can always stop. I think its worth trying – i had scars from acne across my shoulders and they’ve cleared up brilliantly.

Jane – i had a red rash on my arms and the skin near my ankle after week 7 (was on the tablets for 8 weeks) which looked like i had small burst blisters that had burst, if that makes sense?! I used a moisturiser for very dry skin which contains lipids (think it was a vaseline one) which sorted out the dryness really well. If you’re worried see your dermatologist as they’ll be able to explain your side effects and say how to deal with them. The only advice i can give is to moisturise each morning and night regardless of whether your skin feels dry or not. Good luck and don’t let it get you down! 🙂

I am 27 of indian origin – female. I get on average 2 ugly pipmles a week. I am 45 kg and have been prescribed 30 mg for the first two weeks and thereafter 50 mg. My dermatologist says it will probably take 6 months. Does this dosage sound familiar to anyone. Thank you

Hi Rania. You are correct that the dose is based on your body weight. I am 78kg amd was on 80mg. So as you are 45kg’s, 50mg seems about right. I too was on a half dose for the first few weeks. Best of luck with it.

thank you. amazingly my skin had cleared just before i bought the medication. playing tricks with my mind…
this has gotta work – else i need Micheal Jackson’s treatment

Hi there,
I was on roaccutane about 8 years ago now and I just want people to know it was the best thing that ever happened me. I had tried so many acne treatments and medications and nothing worked until my dermatologist put me on roaccutane. Although it was a very tough 6 months suffering from very very sensitive and dry skin and the odd mood swing, it was definatley worth it. Besides the odd spot around “that time of the month” I have never suffered from acne since. I believe if you keep at it, it will be worth it in the end. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!

Question for all the people it has worked for, ive been on it for 2 weeks now and have been getting some of the mild side effects such as the skin and lips but have not noticed any improvement yet, not even a mild one. For the people it has worked for how long on average does it take to work?

Hi there :mrgreen:
Im into my 3rd week on roaccutane now, Im 21 and I am on 70mgs a day, my acne isnt that bad its more scarring. So far Im finding the skin peeling a nightmare, Moisturiser stings like hell! But hey if it works! My skin is red raw now at this stage, quite paranoid over that! And in the last few days Ive gotten a bad break out of spots, particularly around my mouth!! 🙁 Not very nice!! My question is how safe are you if you have the mirena coil in and taking Roaccutane, that wasnt explained very well to me and I am very worried!

My 4th week now @ 40mgs a day and im still not any better. Got another month after this but i know damn well it wont work just like the millions of other tablets ive taken over the years! My skin altough peeling dosnt seem as bad as yours but my lips are in an awful state. My face in even redder than usual aswell.

Hi Vinny. You seem to be on a fairly low dosage compared to others on here but it depends on your body weight. Sorry it’s not working for you yet. I saw an improvement pretty soon but it will vary depending on severity of acne. Were you given a half doese initially? As that seems to be the norm. Also I was on it for 6 months not 2. Maybe you are not seeing results yet due to your dose? Your dermo should be putting you on too low a dose initially to see how you react to it as it is a very potent drug.

Thanks paddy, my acne isnt that severe anymore but its still noticanle all the same. I rekon i will be put on a higher dose for another 2 months when i go back to my dermo in a months time

Sweet blog entry, Anto.

I’m 21 and I’ve been taking Roaccutane for a week now, 20mg daily. I really want to fast forward six months and just see the results, you know? I amn’t expecting any improvements in the first week, but I’m curious, when do most people notice visibly clearer skin? Some people have said six or so weeks, is that the norm? Only thing I have noticed is dry lips but I’m not sure if that’s a subconscious thing where I’m expecting my lips to get dry and I start licking them. Not looking forward to possible sore joints and/or depression.
I’m taking a picture every day to track the progress. Fingers crossed.

@John: Cheers for the comment. As you can see, a lot of people are on Roaccutane. It’s a good while since I was so they’ll be able to guide you better than I can. Best of luck.

hey there,

i took roaccutane as i felt very low about myself and even my skin improved a lot – almost perfect skin(and i was dealing with acne vulgaris before)this drug made me feel suicidal and i didn’t know why. reading throgh this i saw a post where someone said something about a boy killing himself. well, i felt nothing talking about death or thinking about it while and after i took roaccutane. anyway, if you feel that you can cope with depression- it might not even have the same side effects on you as it did on me- you will definitely see great results.

i just started roaccutane today and i dont really no wat 2 expect…ive had a course or two on some antibiotics and they didnt really do anything for me…i just hope now this works because after this theres nothing else for me…i suppose my skin isnt too bad, like ive seen worse b4…any1 tell me wat to expect???

thanks, luke

@ Luke:
I’ve been on it now for two weeks and I’ve just began to get chapped lips. I got one nose bleed so far but I’m not sure if that’s relevant, I used to get them all the time before.

Hey Luke and John Dry lips and dry nose seem to be pretty standard. As are aching joints. You’ll feel like an old man some mornings. Flaky skin seems fairly common too. U*se Vaseline for the lips and nose and some kind of imolient (spelling) moisturiser when showereing. These will help a little. Don’t wear black clothes as loose skin from the face and hair will be falling all the time. Good luck with it. Any more questions just ask

LUKE, like paddy said expect flakes of bad skin to fall off constantly. Im 3 months in now and 1 month into my9 5mg a day dose which was ahuge jump form the 40mg beforehand. ON top of the previous drawbacks im getting very tired now especially tiredness of the eyes after 9 o clock onwards at night. You might get very redfaced aswell, im very bad now but i was always kind of redfaced anyway. Its not the kind of miracle drug that some people make it out to be, 3 1/2 months in and my face is only moderately better but im going to hang in there all the same and just put up with the drawbacks because like you this is my last chance to get rid of acne

Hi, I’m 30 and had a baby in Dec ’08. I then got a severe case of acne about 2 weeks after my baby was born. It went untreated for another 4 weeks and got so bad I was sent to A&E by my GP. My face, neck and chest were covered in large acne boils. I was put on steroids straight away to reduce the swelling,t hen started on roAccutane about 4 weeks later. I didn’t really notice any side effects except for dry lips but I’m now on 70mg daily for the last week and my skin is in bits. Really itchy and sore, the skin on the end of my nose seems to be peeling off and there loads of dry skin around my lips that splits and bleeds every now and again. Is this due to the higher dose, I had to start on a very small dose of 20mg because my acne was so reactive.

I should add that roAccutane has done wonders for the acne, which has all but cleared up, I’ve been left with severe scarring on my chest and back, whcih the derm doesn’t think will heal the best but my neck and face can be dealth with using make-up. I never ever even suffered with spots as a teenager before this happened to me.

Your dose is based on your body weight. There is a leaflet that comes with the tabs that lists the side effect. Like you I have very bad scarring on my chest. Find out if you have keloid scars. Your derm is right. The scars can be treated by steroid shots but it is not certain of improvement.

I have been on roaccutane for just about 2 months now! Im 17 and on a dose of 10mg/day, which sounds very low compared to every1 else! As my skin was really bad as i had very big lumps that lasted weeks!:( Its working well, dont get any spots any more! But i have a lot of scarring! 🙁 The only side affects are dry lips and backpain! But it has done my confidece wonders as before i would never let any1 take photos of me! I have tried everything before this and nothing made the slightest difference! So i thing if your acne if affecting the way u live your life! You shud really consider roaccutane! 😛 :mrgreen:

i am 16 and i have been on roaccutane for 4 weeks now. ive really started to see a difference in both my skin and my confidence. the only real side effects i had up to now were dry lips, skin and nose, and the occasional sore joints
but last night it seemed to change
i was in the shower and my nose started excessively bleeding for the first time, i got out and the flow eventually stopped
i then brushed my teeth and spat out blood, looking at my mouth i realised that my gums were bleeding, something i hadnt experienced before,
some time later i went to the toilet, and the tip of my penis was bleeding, again this was a brand new side affect
that night i went to bed and for about five minutes i couldnt get the thought of hanging myself out of my head, not like i wanted to go do it, but just what it would be like, and what it would cause, i subconsiously knew that it was the roaccutane causing the thought but like it wouldnt go away.
ive decided to stop taking the drug now
i really did notice some difference and the dry skin was a small price to pay for clear skin
but when it started affecting other parts of my body and mind, it simply wasnt worth the risk, especially since im in year 12 and need to be focussing on my studies
i would definately recommed trying roaccutane, but if any serious side affects occur you should discontinue treatment

I finished up on roaccutane last week and the effects of it have been wonderful. I haven’t had any acne in at least 2 months. I did kinda suffer form a low period alright about 2 months ago but I got over it. I couldn’t say it was the roaccutane for definite, there were a number of uncertaintities in my life at the time but these have since been resolved and i fell fine now. The main side effects I had were related to sensitive skin, very dry with cracking and I got sunburnt a few times when everyone else would have just felt it a bit hot outside. Other than this I would recommend roaccutane for severe reactive acne which is what I had, but for anyone else the thing is to weigh up the effect and pain that the acne is having on your life and whether the side affects are worth it for the duration of your treament. I’m very happy with the end result.

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