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Well, I had my final consultation with my dermatologist last week. I’ve just been finishing off the course of Roaccutane over the past while and the difference that it’s made has been noticeable. I get quite a few comments about it from friends/relatives and although it’ll never be perfect, I’m more than happy with the results. Going on Roaccutane was about sorting a problem I had been living with for 10 years. I only saw it as a problem in certain situations but I never need to do that again. Some people talk about the side affects of Roaccutane but I can honestly say that I didn’t experience any serious side affects. Yes, there were days when my mood was all over the place. I will never forget one particularly horrific incident when my skin was peeling badly and I only noticied it when I went to the toilet. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

However, it did the job for me. I believe strong drugs like Roaccutane should be monitored and researched constantly to make sure that their positive effects don’t outweigh their negative ones. I’m now more outgoing than I previously was and, although it sounds stupid, I’ve noticied more women looking at me in bars. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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i’m delighted roaccutane worked out for you. i was too scared to go on it myself for my level of acne after all the stories i had heard so it’s good to hear the positive side too

I was worried about the side effects before I started it but with my level of acne, it was one of the only avenues I had left open to me.

the MOOD SWINGS weren’t that BAD!!!!, you were OK SOME OF THE TIME, it was only the ,every 5 minute, fits of SHOUTING ABUSE AT STRANGERS, that frightened me.

I’ve just started a course of Roaccutane and I feel terrible! I want to persevere, but I hope the side effects wear off slightly. But hearing you say it made a difference has made me feel a lot better, a lot of stuff on the web is all about how awful it is and how it doesn’t work – so I’m glad it worked out for you.

Good luck in bars ๐Ÿ™‚

on the 4th of february this yr, a friend, who was on roaccutane hung himself. He was taking the drug to help control his acne, during the time he was taking it, he was like a different person, very moody and often acting very strange – totally out of character. I am happy that it seems to work for you, but i think it is fair to say that it affects different people in different ways, as do a lot of drugs. People should be aware of the dangers of taking such a strong drug.

I am 56 and have had acne all my life. After having tried all the available treatments, I decided enough was enough and asked for roaccutane as a last resort. The side effects for me were miminal, dry lips and eyes. Afer the treatment the acne had gone. However, two years on I have noticed that I have the odd spot again on my face and back. I would recommend this treatment, the results are worth it.

I have had very bad skin for ten years now and taking roaccutane for 8 months made no difference to me at all. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ this is an evil drug and i certainly dont recommend it to anyone. ๐Ÿ™

ive now started my second coarse of roaccutane after the first being deemed to strong 80mg per day. ive suffered severe mood swings and on occasion felt really down , ive decided to stop today and check with my pharmatist what next ? im really taken aback that ive never had any checks as to my wellbeing for over 2 months no blood tests, to test my sugar count nothing , my advice is anyone who has been given this particular drug is to ask to be monitered as much as possible. and if in doubt contact your pharmacy asap.

Well i am two weeks in now, ive had many a nosebleed, lots of dry skin with the occasional red peeling.

im waiting for positive results (fingers crossed) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Phil: Yes, people on Roaccutane really need to be monitored alright. My dermatologist was quite clear that if I felt any depression that I should come off it immediately.

Alex: Best of luck with your course. Those side affects are normal so hopefully it works out.

hi!I started with the treatment this week, and no side effects have shown up so far.. my acne’s not bad, just a slight redness on the cheeks.. does everyone who uses it normally have a really bad attack? not sure whether it’s worth it for me to continue or not..

hi to you all ? ive now had to come of roaccutane once again as the way it has affected me is pretty disasterous, i used to be a very outgoing person before my treatment but now im suffering mood swings that you would never beleive. i was started on the full dose of 80mg and the thing is i havnt got that bad skin. ive asked my dermatoligist to explain but dont get the answers i need as taking this powerful drug can and in my experience will effect the biggest part of the population who for one reason or another have had to try it as a last resort . but please please please get regular blood tests? and if in in way you feel your moods are changing just stop treament imediatly as belive it or not the roaccutane stays in your system for up to 7 yrs possibly life (take care all)

well im nearly two months in now, im on 60mg
this drug has done some good work, it is not a miracle drug though.
Im a week short of tablets having counted, spoke to my dermy she says it stays in your system for over a month so il be taking a week off it
strange eh?


Im writing on behalf of my b/friend. He is on Roaccutane going on 3 mths now..the side effects are gettin worse by the weeks..his face, neck, chest, back, arms and now his legs av got boil like pimles on them..he has juz started 2 get a rash on his arms..constant dry skin..constant dry and chapped also soar lips..his mood hasnt changed so muc that its causing any agro between us..he’s got so muc worse in the last couple of weeks, he finds it hard to face the day with the severity of his acne, i wud say that knowing my b/friend as i do that yes, he is depressed!! I feel so bad when he tels me he’s got sum new boils, he crys sumtimes ๐Ÿ™ can any-one tel me how much worse it gets before it gets better?? ๐Ÿ˜†

Elena: As far as I know the severity of an initial attack after you start it can vary. I’m not a dermatologist but my skin did flare up after starting Roaccutane.

Phil: Thanks for commenting. Sound advice on consulting your dermatologist on getting regular blood tests. If your acne wasn’t all that severe then I’d question why you were put on such a high dosage alright.

Alex: Good to hear its having a positive effect. Your right that it isn’t a miracle drug though.

Laura: The initial few weeks can be tough with rashs and severe dryness. However if he is still experiencing these effects after 3 months, he should consult his dermatologist. I’m not an expert in the area but 3 months sounds like a long time to still be experiencing severe side effects.


your blog has give me some useful knowledge on roaccutane. i’m on it for almost four weeks now and i’ve yet to see any improvements. infact, my acne flare up pretty badly than before and this is really bugging me. the red bumps are all over my face and they’re so huge and cyctic. it’s very painful and itchy. it makes me want to pick and squeeze on them. will this result in severe scarring? and is it normal to get WORSE initially before being healed? how long will this WORSE stage prolong? did you experience such flare-ups? do advice please. i’m on a 20mg tablet daily.

my boyfriend is on a higher dose than you but even at that rate , yes his flared up pretty badly..his neck and face ive noticed a alot more in the last 3 weeks…yes, he picks and squeeses alot, (whenever im not around) because one can only imagine if you stick a pin in them that yes its gettin rid of puss but wats the long term,,,i.e. scarring?! He wears white vests under t-shirts and stuff and after his shower, he goes 2 bed and the next day he changes, only to take off his vest..ill quote him…” its like sum1 was murdered in that vest” and its true..they bleed like hell after his shower..his dry eyes are better wid Vividrin eye drops (12euro) but worth it..his lips (E45 lip balm)…he is due 2 visit his doctor Monday, cud any1 tel me if they think its necessary 4 him 2 make an appointment wid a dermo?? Personally, i think his doctor is very laxadaisy wid him!!!

i did some online research and most people experienced the initial flare-ups for about 5 to 6 weeks. After that point, their skin started to improve and improve and improve! I’m into my 5th week now and cystic pimples are still popping up daily. Gosh…..i look so horrible in front of a mirror. And i got much comments on my bad bad skin every now and then T_T

Laura, i think it’s wiser for your boyfriend to visit a dermatologist. yea, his case is more severe than mine. i sincerely hope that roaccutane can give us a cure from this acne disease. It’s eating up my self-esteem! i feel so pathetic whenever i look at my peer’s glowing skin.

despite all the negative comments on roaccutane, i still choose to remain positive. pray daily for a fast recovery.

hi amanda ๐Ÿ™‚

you must be going through an awful time?? i can only magine wat its like 4u as a female ๐Ÿ˜ฅ sounds like u are now how my b/friend was a couple of weeks ago..generaly pissed off?! he’s actually at the doctors now 4 another prescription..he’s gona try 4a higher dose and ive also begged with him 2 get his doc 2 make an appointment wit a dermo, so fingers crossed eh!! watever you feel, you must not feel pathetic, its unfortunate 4u at the mo but like you sa, stick it out and tings cudnt possibly get any worse..they can only improve with time and Roaccutane..keep in touch and take care ๐Ÿ˜†


hi Laura,
i didnt realise that you could get a perscription for roaccutane without seein a dermo. I’m personally takin it at the moment and my dermo is bein extremely cautious with me, monitorin me v. closely, he wont even let my doctor do the blood tests for me it has to be done in his clinic just in case!! So i definitly think that he should see a dermo especially if he isnt seein ANY improvement!!
Steph ๐Ÿ˜‰

i went on it, up to 60mg, only side effect i had was dry skin worked great with nor eal mood swings

Hi I started Roaccutane 6 weeks ago and i have seen a massive difference.All my fore head has cleared and my cheeks are getting there.My acne was’nt the worst, it was quite lumpy my face.The side effects i have experience are Exema on my arms and legs , thats it really.It’s wonderful news about your face clearing.It works different for everyone and i always get monitored every month. Good luck for everyone on this site x ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi Everyone

I am a 21 year old girl and have been on Roaccutane for around 7 weeks now, I have to say, my skin is almost totaly spot free, and I love it. Only thing is the scarring on my cheeks! Does anyone know if this medication will help faid my scars? I think its helped faid a few scars already, but I dont know if its my imagination! Most people close to me have commented on how fresh my skin looks now and I feel much more confident.

I have had a few of the side effects but nothing too terrible, mild exima on my arms, dry chapped lips, dry eyes (still able to wear contact lenses though) The worst of my side effects are sore bones, back pain and really sore heels. feel like and 80 yr old woman at the moment, but it will be worth it in the long run.

I still get the odd spot here and there, but when I think of the state my face used to get in and how painful it was, the wee odd spot doesnt bother me now!!

My skin was terrible, and i had no confidence, wouldn’t go out the house without layers and layers of foundation!,
when i was about 3 weeks into the treatment i suffered quite badly emotionally, depression, and regular mood swings, i just wasn’t myself. ๐Ÿ˜•
My skin became increasingly better about a month and a half into it. gradually moving on in the corse of the treatment my skin was just becoming more fabulous every week!,
Most common sidefects for me were;
– dryness (EVERYWHERE!)
– mood swings
– aches and pains

If you do a regular sport i reccomend reducing the amount of it you do, a few days i couldn’t move whatsover!

although ive been left with a few red markings, this can easily be cured with laser treatment.
I come off my treatment tomorrow!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

I Definatley reccomend Roacutane!!!

My skin is flawless now! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
You have to persevere with it but it is soooooo worth it!
See your dermotologist now!

Hi guys! My sister was on Roaccutane a few years ago. Her skin was so so bad and gave her alot of image and confidence issues that she is still dealing with to this day. Roaccutane cured her of all the physicalities of Acne apart from of course the scarring. However she began using a cream called MSM that you can buy in any good health (food) shop and it has helped her scars immensely. She didn’t feel any depressive side-effects except for once when she had had some alcohol, it was the next day that she felt very very low. She only drank alcohol that once in the 6 months she was on the drug.
To be fair I think that each and every person is affected differently by Roaccutane. Best of luck to you all!

I took roaccutane last june 12, 2005 and ended january 9 2006. I was on a dose of 40 mg. My acne gotten worst then..though i must admit i didnt have bad acne when i went to my dermatologist. Just can’t help seeing it appear everyweek! I suffered severe backaches! i cant even sit on a chair and had hard time getting up in the morning without help from my mom! I lost too much hair and made it so dry. I remembered in my course of roaccutane i think after 5 months my acne stopped. But i had to suffer from dryness all over my body! My hands are painful from rashes which ended up looking like eczema. And didnt know how to stop my face from peeling! Coz im working. Its so embarrasing really! i still had some of the scars it left me (when all my pimples are getting freak) But the result i got was worth every pain that i suffered..

But im afraid i wont recommend it to my sister.. i still feel the pain from my right side. And to this having pimples again! Aarrggh! i thought it wont come back anymore?! Now i dont know if i have to take it again.. =( Im used to having clear and beautiful face.

Hi, I’ve been on it for 2months out of 6. and the only side affects have been dry skin and lips. People clearly do get affected, but as long as you monitor your mood, and speak to people if it gets really bad, then I’d say try it.

Hi all, I started the roaccutane treatment last wk,however i am slightly concerned now–my dermatologist prescribed it-mentioned “the few” side effects and told me to come back next month for a prescription. However, i read the leaflet and it said all these blood tests were very important esp. if i am overweight. Im wondering will my dermatologist do these or should i inform my doc. i am on it–i wish i should have asked a few other questions ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


I was on Roaccutane for 8 months 5 years ago. It cleared my skin and I suffered little side effects from it apart from dry lips. My brother was put on it though by the same dermatologist for a few months and his acne flared up badly- the dermatologist put him on steroids to reduce the swelling but it only made the situation worse. He was then recommended laser surgery which cost my parents 1000 euro at the time. His face was severely burnt for a few weeks after the laser treatment and that too did little good.

Shortly after he was recommended another dermatologist by a friend. This dermatologist told him that he should have been taken off roaccutune after his acne began to get worse. She recommended he follow a strict skin care regime using neostrata fashwash in the morning, spf lotion during the day, zindaclin lotion on spots and diffrin gel twice a week- anti aging neostrata cream the other 5 nights. Two months later his skin had improved dramatically.

2 years after coming off roaccutane i suffered another breakout and went to the new dermatologist- she put me on the same regime that i have been following for the past 2-3 years- it has left my skin clear and soft. She told me that 8 months is far too long to be on roaccutane especially considering the long term effects it can have on the liver!!

forgot to add that she also said it is important to be given a prescription for suitable topical lotions once finished course of roccantune- she said that if not it will reoccur. Apparently once you have bad acne it is important to always have a special regime for cleansing etc in order to prevent it reoccurring…

hi, i started roaccutane about a week ago now and my skin is less oily but the swelled acne under my skin, particulary on my neck is getting worse. i use a non-oil moisturiser twice a day and use vaseline onmy dry lips. two of my freinds were on roaccutane and ther skin is amazing now hope i have the same luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am 41 yrs old now but I was one of the first ginny pigs to try Accutane (it’s only name then) as a young person. Mom had tried every drug and old school remedy known to man and nothing was working. She read over the material and discussed it with me to make sure it’s what I wanted to do. I did. I did get headaches and nose bleeds but my skin sure cleared up great! I donโ€™t know about it now but you cannot be out in the sun while taking this drug. I laid out and it made my chest peel up with blisters real bad. I have scars from those blisters. I should have paid more attention to the side effects material. It has never come back on my face since but has moved to my neck some. I did have scars and eventually got a face peel and some buffing surgery. My surgery did not work wellโ€ฆI think it was the doctor. Good luck!


I’m in my sixth month of taking this drug and have to say it has been horrible. I didn’t get any side affects too badly but got them all to some extent. From sore joints (especially heels) to bouts of depression, nose bleeds, dry eyes, inside of nose, lips. Problem is I dunno if it is working. I have keloid scars that I hoped would stop spreading but they haven’t. I got betnovate cream to deal with the skin dryness on my hump which works wonders. I spread it on my face fairly regular too. I saw my dermo in early June and he told me to come back in January!! On 80mg a day which I believe is related to body weight. I did getta blood test at the very start but have had no follow up by the dermo. Should I be worried? Anyway only 30 days to go till I’m back out in the big bad world.

Hie i started roaccutane on the 1st of this month and already there is a lot of improvement on my face – people have started to ask me what im using but it comes with side effects though, i have dry lips i use a lip balm with spf 15 and my whole body used to be dry and itchy until i decided to apply it with tissue oil twice a day morning and nite and now i have peace. The only thing problem that i have now is my breasts have started swelling which i have told my doctor and i’m going for review on monday but all in all everything is fine. No mood swings – i guess we all have different side effects and it works according to how your body accommodates it. So i’m keeping my fingers crossed for me to be off it soon cause i need to apply spf 15 on my body everytime i go outside

hi everyone i havnt wrote for a while soz/ ive been reading the various comments left in the forum lately and im surprised that the most common thing near everyone writes about is the varying degree of non follow up appointments to check bloods, and moods, ect ect. again i would urge anyone whom is taking roaccutane to make sure that you make regular appointments with your dermatologist even when your treament is apparntly working for you .please remember this drug might in some people not give you the side effecs that most people recive but with follow up appointments its better to safe than sorry .(thanks for listening take care)


I was very woried startin the roaccutane as with the side effcts i heard about. but I eventually decided I would go on it because i really wanted 2 clear up my acne. when i statred first i was put on 25mg a day……2 get used of it!……and den after 2 weeks or so i was put on 50mg a day! I am on it 4 nd a half months now nd at he begining the only side effects i had wer very dry lips nd dry eyes…..for a while at the start my back was a bit sore nd also had the odd mood swings….but you get half these things and you dont need to be on tablets at all!! I would also recommend 2 go 2 a dermatolgist becuase they no way more about skin then doctors and i went to a dermatolgist nd der gud….I also got bloodtests every month 2 make sure the tablets werent effectin my body n any way!! u may think the tablets arent workin but dey r cuz thats what i thought but its cuz ur skin is so sensitive that it lus red and makes it lu worse but its actually improvin!
gud luk 2 everyone on da tablets
der well worth it!
nd ask me ne questions….hope i can help!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Was somebody permanently cured thanks to roaccutane? I got scared now! Will acne ever disappear forever??


had extremely bad acne on my face, chest and shoulders. tried everything. went to dermatologist and was put on 70 mg of this drug. i was told it would get worse before it got better. it did. dry skin, more acne etc. after 9 to 12 months the acne disappeared on my face. Brilliant. the chest and shoulder areas were cleared up but some keloid scarring was left. i got steroid injections to flatten them out. there gone now, redness and all. this drug is excellent. went on it when i was 14 and i’m 22 now and there still gone. sun holiday every year helps big time. hope this helps. ๐Ÿ˜›

i had sever acne before but when i had Reccautan course my face became perfect, i was on 40mg per day but unfortunately acne came back again maybe after 3 months later ๐Ÿ˜ฅ and am goin to have another course because my face is itching alot and its killing me ๐Ÿ˜•
i just wanna know is it possible for acne to appear even after the second course ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

omg, wud evryone get over it. im one of the 30% that has to go on roaccutane for the second time and its not that bad. so ur a little tired… get over it… u weren on it twice

hey guys
I took Roaccutane about four years ago after living with acne for 10 long years.I was at the end of my rope when I became a walking moon lol (crater face).I had SEVERE acne as bad as it gets.So at 23yrs old I decided to take Roaccutane I was pretty naive to the side effects and to be honest didnt care anyway i was that desperate.Im a true believer that you can create problems if you think about it enough i also think that acne itself is depressing and that outbreak stage you go through can really bring you down too.Not to mention the low self esteem you get from acne and at times the disgusted looks and comments you get from people.Yes that is very depressing therefore can it truely be blamed on the drug.I dont think so.If I was ever depressed while I was on this drug it was because my acne got worse before it got better.If I had mood swings well I am female lol and I did have two children at that time lol.Chances are theres probably other things going on that make a stressful time even worse.It was all worth it.I actually got to see the beautiful face that people said I had but I could never see.I found the courage to find love.I never had to think about weather people were looking at me in disgust.And strangly enough I lost a fair amount of weight but that could have been due to thinking I was the sheez and ripping it up on the dancefloor lol.Anyway now I am an appointment away from going back on it yes it has returned althougth no where near as bad but bad enough.Guess what Im saying is dont stress guys.Definately educate yourselves but dont linger on the negative stuff your whole life will present itself with decisions that bring some negativitys and the only way to overcome that is to focus on the positive things.Im not sweating having to do this for the second time because I know what the outcome is for me and yes I will do it again if need be.Well thats my novel guys oh there was a point to all this which is did anyone else lose weight on Roaccutane??

Hey im just on Roaccurane 1 week ๐Ÿ˜ my skin is clearer already……..but very dry can anyone recommend a moisturiser that doesnt burn?

hi…im 18 and i went to a dermatologist last week cuz ive quite bad acne.. its not very severe but wana clear it before i get older as it will be harder to get rid of it then.. but kinda nervous because of some of the side effects im hearing about ๐Ÿ˜• im also going on holz in bout 6 weeks, just wondering does sun effect it much?? ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Hey guys, Ive been on roaccutane for 3 months now and it’s made a huge difference to my skin. I had mild cystic acne which had not really responded to long term use of anti-biotics. My face and lips are very dry, however my skin would be quite dry anyway, and i find that i can use really heavy moisturisers (which dont cause breakouts as they would have in the past). My heels are very sore and ive noticed that they are more sore the more exercise I do, however im not letting that put me off!! I have had regular blood tests 9every 8 weeks) and also a pregnancy test every month. From my personal experience, i would recommed roaccuatne.

Lorraine – I use E45 on my face and bio-oil, I use vaseline on my lips 9and sometimes up my nose).

Hi all. the reason i’m emailing is because i want to talk about my experience with Roaccutane. after living with acne for the best part of 20 years, (i’m 34), i started taking Roaccutane about 3 months ago. i never had good skin and that i was always prone to lots of zits and a huge amount of blackheads. in the last 10 years, in particular, i watched my skin deteriorate to the point where i had blackheads all over my face and on my chest. i became v depressed about this and often wondered where it would all end. i watched all my friends grow out of spots in their 20s while my skin just got worse and worse and worse. i felt very ugly, to be honest. before roaccutane i tried Dianette which didn’t work at all. then i tried Isotrexin a topical lotion – that didn’t work either. i tried salon facials and various over the counter skin treatments. i spent a fortune and none made any difference. i was then put on a course of Minocycline – tablets that i took twice daily and they made my skin so much worse that even the doctor was surprised at the state of it. she referred to a dermatologist and said that this was the only option left for me as we had tried everything else. so i went to the dermatologist who took one look at my skin and prescribed Roaccutane. he said that nothing else would work and that Roaccutane was the last and only option for persistent acne like mine especially as i had tried everything else. he also said that it wouldn’t fail to work. he was right. i’ve been taking it for about 3 months now and its like a miracle. almost all the blackheads have disappeared from my face. some came out in my hands when i touched my face. its obvious that any remaining ones will vanish soon. my pores have tightened up and are not so large and visible. my foundation no longer slides off my face 1 hour after applying it. i just can’t believe this and i’m much happier in myself. i must admit Roaccutane is a hardcore treatment in that it makes your skin regenerate faster so there is noticeable peeling but a good moisturiser keeps it under control. it also makes my lips very dry but vaseline helps enormously with that. i’ve been told this is only a short term side effect. since adolescence, my skin, hair, arms and back were always extremely greasy. i had to wash my hair twice a day, if i was going out that night. my skin was like an oil slick all the time. my skin is now normal. i don’t wash my hair everyday anymore because i don’t need to. i wash it twice a week and it doesnt even need that. the texture of my skin has changed. its much softer. i was starting to get a few wrinkles with age, but they have smoothed out very noticeably. the only advice i can give to anyone reading this is don’t wait till you’re 34 like me to sort your skin out. your acne might never clear up on its own, untreated. mine didn’t. don’t live with acne. why should you? i know Roaccutane doesnt work for everyone – i’ve read that other people have had bad experiences with it. but so far, it’s clearly working for me. i’d love to hear from anyone out there with similar experiences as i’ve often felt very alone and isolated having acne. people with good skin will never know how awful it is to suffer acne. lucky them. i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. fingers crossed anyway folks, i’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Hi All,
Well its day 2 for me on roaccutane at 20mg a day – im happy i have FINALLY been put on it – after months & months of topical creams, bp gel, antibiotics, vitamins, and a healthy eating plan – nothing of which worked and i kept getting nasty angry red looking spots ๐Ÿ˜ก
Anyways saw my derm yesterday and she talked about antibiotics and i told her they just dont work and whats the point of been put on them – they are doing nothing! So she checked my skin and had a poke around and checked with the head derm to seek permission for roaccutane – i am on a low does at 20mg a day as my acne is only lumpy and i get lots of whiteheads around my right cheek and mouth, chin area – however my forehead and left side is fine and clear.
I have got very greasy skin & its highly sensitive and itchy..well anyways i had my blood test and im taking it – so far got a headache and aching a little but think this is just from the anxiety of blood test this morning – god i hate them!
Just hoping to see some good results in the next couple of weeks – seeing my derm in 1 months time so will see what happens….fingers crossed!!!
Have been on this stuff before and boy is it good…it cleared my skin right up to perfection…. i have taken dianette and all topical stuff u name it but i feel this is probably last course of action….so happy i got it – and hoping to see some improvements as its been a tough few months and my acne has really gotten me depressed!! anyways fingers crossed and good luck to all out there on this – i wish u all well and best of luck xxx keep strong and happy and things will come good!!! babysteps but it will happen!!!! xxxx

hello to all,

im a journalism student and doing an investigative report on Accutane for my final year. ive read all the comments and they’ve been really helpful, im just wondering though: Have many people here been prescribed accutane by a regular GP rather than a specialist dermatologist? and does anyone here believe they were properly monitered for signs of depression during and after the treatment?

i would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone, i have found that most people i know have never even heard of the drug, and i would like to bring more light to the topic, although i know that everyones experiences have not been negative.

Many thanks

i was told by my dermatologist yesterday that it was up to me whether i take roaccutane or not. i said i feel it’s the only option left to me after 20 years of antibiotics, creams, lotions and the contraceptive pill.the problem is i already suffer anxiety and depression so have been doing some online research to ensure i make the right decision. i am the same age as jill and have exactly the same skin problems she used to. i still don’t know if taking it would be the best move for me, but my skin is much worse now than it was as a teen. if there’s anyone else reading this who has taken this drug in similar circumstances i would love to hear your experiences. i have 6 weeks to go before i start taking it to make sure i’m covered by contraception, so i have time to change my mind.

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