FridayQ: Endorsement

Which famous person do you think sold out the most to endorse a product? What’s the product?

Probably Larry Gogan for some text lottery thing. Larry is a DJ who’s been with one of the biggest Irish radio stations for years. Can’t think of anyone else really.

Just found this ad for American Express with Jose Mourinho. I detest the man and this is justification enough for that point of view. 😈

Which famous person do you think has the best celebrity endorsement for a product? What’s the product?

Hmmm. I like Peter Kay in those John Smith’s beer adverts. His comedy is classic and I just can’t help but laugh whenever he’s on tele. The diving one is my favourite.

Which song do you think has best been used to endorse a product? What’s the product?

That’d be Mic Christopher – Heyday. It’s used in the Guinness ad called The Quarrel.

FQ SPOKESMAN: Pair a famous person with a product endorsement that you think would be the perfect match!

Tom Hanks with anything. I don’t know why but I reckon I trust him to endorse stuff. 😯

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