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Fair Play

Fair play to Liverpool, they were worthy champions last night. 🙂 I’m a die-hard United fan but it was nice to see an English team win it and with style. For those who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about then you need to read this. It was a superb second half display and proved that you can never really write off your chances even if you are 3-0 down. I watched it down in Kenny’s with Mark and Dave who haven’t seen each other in a while due to the fact that they’re on opposite ends of shift work. 🙄 Sort it out lads.

In other news, the dose I had seems to have come back and decided to take up residence in my chest. I’m on Exputex or whatever it’s called so hopefully that’ll shift it. Some of you (I always wonder if anyone besides me reads this) may have noticied the tabs up the top instead of the page listing on the right. I’ve to tweak the styling at the weekend for it plus the styles in the photos section cos they’re messed up. I’ll need to brush up on my CSS though cos I’ve never been great at it but I have a book sitting there so that should get me through.

All of the stuff I had on order arrived in anyway. Lucky Man arrived a few days after Guitar for Dummies which was strange considering I ordered the former a few days before the latter. 🙂 That’s a weird way of explaining it but you get my drift. 😉 My t-shirt from Blogography arrived as well so that’s taken pride of place in my cool t-shirt rack.

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