Thunderbirds Are Go

Well here it is, I finally have broadband. 😀 It’s taken the best part of 5 months but I have it setup and ticking along nicely. You may remember I ordered Esat’s broadband package instead of Eircom’s due to double the download cap and the fact that I’m not keen on Eircom anyway. 😉 There were numerous hold ups on the order due to a number of things but the line was due to be enabled last Friday and I picked up the modem from Elaine (friend from college who works in Esat) on Thursday. I tried to set it up that night but had no joy as it kept connecting and then cutting out. I’m convinced it was the service though as it’s working fine now and I haven’t changed the config.

Unfortunately, a second modem was dispatched to my office though so that arrived yesterday. I’ll need to send it back on Monday but I’m not too concerned now that I finally have at least one. 🙂 When I got it going last night after football, the first thing I had to do was update AVG Antivirus. It had been moaning about a crucial version upgrade but downloading it on 56k would have been a joke. As soon as that downloaded, I updated the virus definitions and did a scan. Sure enough it found two trojans in the Windows directory. I had known about their presence for a while but AVG ripped them out thankfully enough. Happy days. 😎

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Congrats on your broadband. I’ve been a broadband user for 2 years now. Im telling ya, you’ll never want to see a 56k modem again. cant wait for the T1 connections to go mainstream! LMAO. ;P

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