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Sydney y’say?

I’m sitting at my desk last Wednesday when I notice a new mail arrive. I was expecting a new follower notification from Twitter or an email from a friend about pints or whatever. What I got was something entirely different. This was an invitation to take part in a competition called the Awesome Tour of Sydney. 20 participants are travelling to London on the first of August to compete to win a trip for themselves and a friend plus a pair of tickets for your community (the visitors to their site). I’m going to be in that group of 20. The competition itself will last for 6 weeks and involve a number of challenges. How did they find me? I’d written a blog meme in May and mentioned how I’d like to travel more. Next stop London I suppose. 😀

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@Phil: I can understand the skepticism but I checked into this, it’s not as if I read an email and posted to the blog. I’d talked to them by phone and knew it wasn’t a scam. I’ve just received flight confirmations and hotel rooms so will be there on Saturday to find out the details.

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