Cookery School in Village at Lyons

Louise talks us through prep

I had the opportunity to attend the Cookery School in Village at Lyons a few weeks ago. In the interests of full disclosure, I didn’t pay for the course which range from €45-150. Our course, entitled ‘The Perfect Dinner Party with Louise Lennox’ ran from 10am till 4pm and involved us making:

Smoked Salmon Roulade
Mini Rosemary Poppy Seed Brown Scones
Warm Sweet Potato, Red Onion and Cherry Tomato Medley
Fruity Couscous
Wholegrain Mustard Red and White Wine Coleslaw
Honey Roast Duck
Raspberry, White Chocolate and Mascarpone Mousse

Needless to say this was a significant leap for my culinary skills. Luckily I had @cloudsteph by my side who is far more of a cook than I am and we had a really enjoyable day bashing together the courses. Louise was an excellent hands on tutor and I can honestly say that I came out of it with a desire to do more in the kitchen. The setup was really impressive, all food was supplied and we ate what we made for lunch (and brought some of the courses home too). If you’d like to book a similar course, you can see the list here (limited availability as of writing).

Serving the Salmon Roulade

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