A day at Ballindrum dairy farm

Avonmore 7

I got the opportunity to travel to Ballindrum Farm & B&B in Athy last week with a group of fellow onliners as a guest of Avonmore dairy farmer Vincent Gorman and his wife Mary. The guys at Avonmore were keen to show us exactly how their Peak Fresh brand of milk differs from your supermarket own brand. I hadn’t been on a dairy farm (in my adult life anyway) so it was a nice break away from the city. Upon arrival we were greeted with homemade scones with jam & cream and given an overview of how Avonmore operates their milk business from farm to store.

Avonmore 1Vincent explained how he’s been in the dairy farming business since 1990 and milks his cows twice a day, 365 days a year. We were all quite entertained to see the “cows in heat” monitor he has on the wall of the milkery (it monitors their temperature to ensure optimum time for AI). That’s not something I thought I’d ever type. 🙂 Avonmore do 35 checks on the milk from when it’s taken off the farm and Vincent gets an initial read out of various criteria (fat content, protein etc) by text message the morning after each batch leaves. That means that any problems are isolated quickly and dealt with. I really enjoyed the day and the guys seem really passionate about delivering a quality product. The Avonmore Peak Fresh site has more info and they’re also running a design competition with some great prizes over the next few weeks (you can see my entry on the right).

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