Friday Photo – I love MCR


On my recent trip to Manchester for the United game, we visited the Arndale centre and saw this love wall. Manchester City Council came up with the ‘I <3 MCR’ campaign in the wake of the riots a few weeks ago. One guy decided to post a positive message post-it on this wall in the shopping centre and others did the same with Arndale endorsing it when they saw what it was becoming. There’s loads of posters and stickers around the city with branding as seen on Flat Eric below. What a great way to turn the negative publicity around:


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I live in Manchester(Originally from Dublin) and I loved the idea of this wall. I have added my own message as well as spending an hour or so reading as many as I could.

@Peter: They were mostly along the lines of pulling together as a community. No one post-it really stood out to me.

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