ESB Electric Ireland Tweet Hunt


I’m a big fan of the Electric Picnic and I’m hoping to go this year too. If you’d like to go, ya might want to check out the ESB Electric Ireland Tweet Hunt which kicks off tomorrow. The competition at gives would be festival-goers the chance to win tickets to EP using a Facebook App with Live Google Map and combined tweets to reveal five secret locations around Ireland where tickets are hidden.

The Tweet Hunt begins on Monday 22nd August at 9am and ends on Friday 26th August. Each day one lucky person has the chance to win five tickets for this year’s Electric Picnic. That’s five days, five winners and five tickets each! Lucky winners will receive the tickets at the secret locations from ESB Electric Ireland’s Sparkheads (those lads above), who will be roaming the country for the week.

To find the secret locations, would be festival-goers simply need to tweet #Sharetheenergy. The more the hashtag is tweeted, the closer the map will zoom into where the tickets are hidden. Then, a special code word is revealed along with the exact details of the secret location where the Sparkheads are waiting with the tickets.

Once Tweeters have the location details they can use the mobile version of the map and the race begins as they make their way to the location to find the hidden Sparkhead for real. The first person to find the Sparkhead, and tell him the daily code word will receive five tickets to Electric Picnic.

I really like the idea behind this campaign and the five tickets per person is quite generous. I might see ya there so. 🙂

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