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The Captain’s Cup

DSC01516I’m gonna admit up front that rum isn’t something I’d normally drink a lot of. There were free samples of Captain Morgan‘s before the Blog Awards in Galway recently and I have to say, it was tasty. A mate of mine has since advised that the best way of drinking it is with the juice of a whole lime. Anyhow, they’re running a competition over the next while and I’ve entered a team – Team Black Freighter.

It’s called the Captain’s Cup and consists of a number of Facebook challenges (ie. submit a pirate chat up line, caption a photo, piratize your photo) leading to a national final with the winning team being sent to South Africa in July. There 10 countries will then battle it out for the Captain’s Cup. My team has completed a few challenges so far and with any luck we’ll be in the national final on May 20th. Entry details are here.

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Morgan spice with ginger ale is your only man. Must look up the facebook challenge later. Will you get to South Africa for the end of the World Cup or has it nothing to do with that?

@Bngr: The dates may overlap but there’s nothing been announced about the World Cup. See what happens I suppose.

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