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Wordcamp Ireland 2010

Anto @ Wordcamp Ireland 2010
Last weekend I took the trip down to Kilkenny for the inaugural Wordcamp Ireland organised by Sabrina Dent and Katherine Nolan. I’ve been using WordPress since its inception but I’ve never really dug under the hood so it was great to hear some quality speakers talking about how they use the platform. The weekend started on Friday with our team (myself, @yoast and @AMcDermott) winning the Chaos Thaoighaire event in Langton’s. I can only describe it as one of the most random things I’ve ever attended and would heartily recommend you check out their site and go to one. I’ll definitely be at the next one in Dublin.

Throughout the weekend I spent most of my time in the ‘tech’ track and particularly enjoyed Joost de Valk‘s talk on 40 SEO tips. The guy really knows his stuff and it was great to pick up practical references and resources. Other highlights for me included: Jane Wells‘ talk on WordPress 3 (there’s some really cool stuff coming), Eddie Johnston‘s overview of frameworks and Thematic in particular, Andrea Trasatti‘s tips around handling mobile users and Garrett Coakley‘s closing showcase of beautiful WP sites. The venue was great, the talks were informative, the people were friendly and overall I had a fantastic weekend. Now I just need to follow up on all the notes I made. 🙂 There’ll be videos from some of the talks up on WordPress TV in the next week so. Here’s to WordCamp 2012.

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