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A nice touch

The Decemberists are a band based out of Portland, Oregan and do folk/alternative rock. A friend from Lucan gave me their album ‘The Crane Wife’ a couple of years ago and I loved it. I subsequently picked up a few more of their albums, highly recommend ‘The Hazards of Love’ by the way, and picked up a few bits on their online shop over Christmas. The order arrived last week and had a handwritten thanks on the order slip. I thought it was a nice touch. Here they are on Jools Holland last year:

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I saw this last summer when they toured for the Hazards of Love. This song was so intense live with all the drums, it was one of the more awesome things I’ve ever seen.

@Amanda: I think they played London last November. Raging I missed them, I would have flown over. Sounds like they are fantastic live.

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