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Cybercom’s 10th birthday celebration

I didn’t get a chance to talk about Cybercom‘s 10th birthday celebration which took place in Dublin a few weeks ago. It took the form of an afternoon conference entitled ‘2010: A defining moment of change for marketing?’ featuring talks from John Dunne – Intune, Matt Harding – Creator of ‘Where the hell is Matt?‘, Richard Colwell – Red C Research and Mike Walsh – Digital Futurist. John Dunne talked about creating a new type of network for Ireland utilizing fibre optic cabling. To be honest, I’m no networking guru but the concept looks sound and they have the backing so I’ll be interested to see where they take it.

Of all the names listed above, Matt Harding would have stood out to me beforehand. He’s managed his success well since his first video and he’s now working with VISA on a new campaign. Great to see. The keynote speaker on the day was Mike Walsh, described as a Marketing and Digital Futurist. I knew nothing of Mike before the conference but his presentation was one of the most engaging I’ve ever seen. The guy clearly loves to delve into how both simple and advanced technologies can engage us. I loved the idea that there are ‘kids’ turning 18 that have never known an unconnected world. I’d highly recommend checking out Mike’s presentation which is embedded below. Thanks to Cybercom for a great day (and the few cocktails after 🙂 ).

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