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It’s award season again

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since the first Irish Web Awards last October. Our work site,, picked up the ‘Best Council’ award and I had a fantastic night and met loads of people. The event rolls around tomorrow and, although the work sites didn’t make the shortlists this year, I’m particularly proud to be involved, in a very small way with

Culch is shortlisted in the ‘Best Entertainment’ category alongside heavyweights like, TV3 and It’s been amazing to see the progression of Culch over the months and it’s not even turned one year old yet. There are a fantastic array of writers producing quality content day in, day out for no financial reward. At the helm is one of my closest friends and a trojan in terms of Culch, Darren Byrne. He eats, sleeps and breathes Culch. If it wins tomorrow then a large share of the credit must go to him, he’s been immense. Come along if you can, tickets are available here, it’s sure to be another great night.

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