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Puppy pulling power

Five types of dogs – a Samoyed, a Pug, a Border Collie, a Staffy, and a Yorkie – were outfitted with a Sony Ericsson C510 camera phone what has something called smile detection software. Whenever a woman came up to admire the dog and smiled, the camera automatically snapped a photo.

This appears to be a viral by Sony Ericsson. Hard to know whether the camera actually took the shots as they were doing it or they were staged. There’s a Flickr set with a lot of cleavage shots anyway.

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Gods are pure pulling power, even ugly ones.

Some simple rules.

Don’t walk a dog with your male friend. You will look gay, no matter how fierce or illegal the pooch.

Don’t do the whole fake biting / pushing the dog towards the chick when they go to pet. Dogs, like humans will themselves, and you.

Don’t buy a dog that a by passing hot chick will assume that is a ‘couples dog’. King Charles’ / poodles etc are pure gaybait and/or a couples dog. Mongrels have some mythical pulling power and can be playful enough.

Always have a story about how you got the dog. Lie if necessary. Rob one if you have to.

Always make sure you let the dog have a poo well before you might be near hot chicks. Smell of dog shit is always a play stopper. FACT.

That is all for now.

Hehe, that’s a great video. Tiny babies have sort of the same attraction except of course it’s likely you’re already in a relationship, or if you’re single, the girl is likely to want a baby which might not bode well for your lifestyle.

We have a rescue dog, a shi tzu and he’s odd with strangers. He’ll snap and growl sometimes so if we’re walking anywhere where there are kids, they always come up to us, and we basically have to tell them to back off or be bitten. Lovely dog otherwise and very affectionate. Only took me about 3 weeks to get his confidence.

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