Is it eight already?

Mr Rick has shone his torch of meme-ry this way, so.

Eight things I like:

Spending time with friends, I’m better in groups than on my owneo

Football: play, coach and watch



Non-fiction books


Rational thought

Alternative music

Eight things I did yesterday:

Watched the United vs Wigan game in my local

Coached my final training session of the season

Had lunch with Darren

Arranged to meet a good friend this evening

Got squad photos done up for the kids as a memento

Dropped back laptops which I’d repaired

Listened to both Bat for Lashes albums. Seriously talented woman

Formulated a cunning plan

Eight things I wish I could do:


Race go-karts professionally

Play football professionally

Stop procrastinating

Write the TV show I have in my head

Travel more

Own a Audi R8

Play the guitar/drums

Eight things I don’t like:

Animal cruelty or creulty in general


The amount of attention given to morons by the media


Dull overcast days


Pushy people

The criminal in-justice system

I’m tagging: Anneelicious


  1. Darren   •  

    Rational thought? Overated! I see red people.

  2. anthony   •     Author

    @Darren: Are you just looking at this emoticon: 😳

  3. Darren   •  


  4. anthony   •     Author

    @Darren: A good point, well made.

    @raptureponies: It’s a secret. Sssshhhh

  5. Sinéad   •  

    Better in groups? But I *love* getting you on your own…

  6. PaddyInEngland   •  

    I want to know about the tv show, a sort of big bang theory/father ted.

  7. anthony   •     Author

    @PaddyInEngland: It’s actually non-comedy factual. Spending some time on it this weekend.

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