The Choir: Boys Don’t Sing

Last week, whilst watching the TV BAFTAs, I saw “The Choir: Boys Don’t Sing” pick up the award for Best Feature. This particular series seems to be a follow on from 2006’s “The Choir” but the basic concept involves Gareth Malone, a choirmaster, taking on the assignment of creating a choir in a tough school with a specific objective at the end (ie. sing at the Albert Hall). The thing that astounds me is that, for a BAFTA winning programme, it’s been hard to find information on. Yes, I can find the odd clip on Youtube but I’ve yet to find any type of official site for it beyond production company TwentyTwenty’s bit. I’d be interested in seeing it on either DVD or whatever but it appears as if I’ve hit a dead end. Anyway, here’s the choirs finale:

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I agree. It’s been difficult finding this on DVD.
Here in Maryland (USA) my students love the series…Please let me know if you are successful in finding it on DVD.
~Heather Brack

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