Last week at the G8 protests, a newspaper seller, Ian Tomlinson, was pushed in the back by a police officer whilst walking away from their advancing line. He was not protesting and fell hard to the ground suffering a heart attack a few minutes later which he subsequently died from. His image first came to my attention a number of days ago as I saw a photo of him being treated by police on Boston.com’s Big Picture photoblog. The Guardian have obtained video footage of the incident which they are handing on to the Police Complaints Commission. Shocking stuff.


  1. Darren   •  

    FFS? Is this for real? That guy should be arrested and locked away for manslaughter. Pathetic!

  2. Darren   •  

    Also, those Boston.com pictures are incredible. Shocking stuff, but some amazing shots.

  3. anthony   •     Author

    @Darren: The Guardian were contacted by the guy who had shot the video after the family were getting little answers.

    The Boston.com photo blog is amazing and always features great shots.

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