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Blacknight hosting offers

As anyone who reads this knows, I’ve been using Blacknight since I moved my hosting back from the US a few years ago. They’ve surpassed themselves in terms of service, price and every other factor. They’re the best hosting guys I’ve worked with. As part of their new year celebrations, they’ve been dishing out discount codes. There’s a special one on Mulley’s site at the moment which will get you 25% off new shared hosting accounts. Hop over there quick cos it runs out tonight. Another discount code, to be used seperately, is: refugee You can use that if you’re moving from an existing hosting provider.

UPDATE: For today only (Friday) they’re doing .ie domain names for a tenner! Use the code: iefridayjan09

4 replies on “Blacknight hosting offers”

Your site doesnt work too well for me in work, security doesnt it like to much have to click x on a pop up secure site thing about 50 times. Anyway its more than worth it. Starting ridiculous photo course on monday and have another idea for another website i might have to run by you.

@PaddyInEngland: It’s probably one of the widgets for Flickr or Twitter causing those errors. Good luck with the photo course. Start a Flickr account and stick the results up there.

@PaddyInEngland: Twitter is quite good. Status message type thing and mini social network. A lot of people on it. Actually where I met a lot of friends last year.

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