Thursday night, a meteorite fell in Western Canada, burning up as hit the Earth’s atmosphere and creating a brilliant flash over Alberta and Saskatchewan. Witnesses got to experience the brightest fireball the country has seen in over a decade.

(via travors)


  1. Darren   •  

    No way! It’s fake surely?

  2. Dave2   •  

    Must be the season. The one I saw recently in Washington State was the biggest, longest, brightest I had ever seen. Nothing compared to this, but still impressive.

  3. anthony   •     Author

    @Darren: It looks real.

    @Dave2: Oh yeah I remember you mentioning that. Have never seen a meteorite anywhere near that bright myself.

  4. Foreign Dubliner   •  

    Sorry, random commenter here. Was just browsing around IrishBlogs.ie and somehow ended in yours. Anyway, awesome video!

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