1. Lottie   •  

    We need to discuss my fee.

  2. anthony   •     Author

    @Lottie: 3 Jaffa Cakes and a cocktail on Thursday?

  3. Niamh   •  

    Ah feck have a thing to go to tonight, I may catch the last 10-15mins of it, that’s all 🙁

    Hope it goes smoothly 🙂

  4. Darragh   •  

    Dude I won’t be around for it either unfortunately, but do enjoy!

  5. Maxi Cane   •  

    I’ll be there, but I hope you know that I’ve put my live blog of lesbian jelly pillow fighting on hold for this!

  6. anthony   •     Author

    @Niamh, @Darragh: Ya feckers! It’s gonna be quieter so.

  7. Niamh   •  

    Sowwy 🙁
    We don’t talk THAT much! !

  8. Lottie   •  

    You and me both Maxi.

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